USB to 5v PowerConnect Cable (3 foot)

    Part Number: 5VUSB-PC 3foot

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    3 foot USB to 5v PowerConnect Cable

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      USB PowerConnect Cable
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      USB PowerConnect Cable Picture 2


    Power your PowerConnect 5 volt Sirius or XM satellite radio through any USB port with this 3 foot cable.

    Compatible with the following vehicle docks: 


    SIRIUS PowerConnect™ Vehicle Dock
    SDPIV1 Front View
    SDPIV1 Side Views
    SDPIV1 Rear View
    XM PowerConnect™ Vehicle Dock
    XDPIV1 Front View
    XDPIV1 Rear View
    XMp3i Vehicle Dock
    XMp3i Car Dock Front View
    XMp3i Car Dock Rear View