Motorcycle Rain Cover for Starmate 8 & Onyx

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    Motorcycle Rain Cover Starmate 8 & Onyx

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    • http://cdn.tss-radio.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/s/t/st8onyxraincover.png
      Starmate 8 & Onyx Rain Cover
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      Raincover with Onyx
    • http://cdn.tss-radio.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/r/a/raincoverwonyxtop.jpg
      Back of cover with XM Mount
    • http://cdn.tss-radio.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/r/a/raincoverwst8.jpg
      Raincover with Starmate 8
    • http://cdn.tss-radio.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/r/a/raincoverwst8top.jpg
      Back of Cover with Sirius Mount


    The SiriusXM Motorcylcle Rain cover for the Starmate 8 and Onyx. It features a clear plastic front cover and Velcro closure along the bottom. NOTE: This case will fit the Starmate 8, Onyx, Onyx Pro, & Onyx EZ.
    Compatible with the Starmate 8 with SUPV Dock and the Onyx, Onyx Pro, & Onyx EZ with XDVIV1 Dock.