SCVDOC1 and Sirius Standalone (SCC1 Alternative)

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    SCVDOC1 and Sirius Standalone (SCC1 Alternative)

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      ST5 Standalone
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      SCVDOC1 SiriusConnect
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      SCVDOC1 SiriusConnect
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      SCVDOC1 SiriusConnect
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      SCVDOC1 SiriusConnect
    1 x SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit for SIRIUS-Ready Radios SCVDOC1B   +$39.99
    1 x Refurb SIRIUS Starmate 5 Standalone Receiver   +$29.99

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    Image Works With Sirius Radios

    The original SCC1 Vehicle Tuner is discontinued, but this is an alternative for many applications.

    If you've been searching and searching for a Sirius Connect SCC1 (SC-C1) Vehicle Tuner but have only hit dead ends, then this bundle may be for you. The SCVDOC1 combined with a Refurbished Starmate 5 Standalone will mimic exactly what the SCC1 does. This will provide the direct connection you need. You can mount the SCVDOC1 in a compartment or display it on the console.


    This will work along with the following Aftermarket Translators. Note: Some headunits will not require an additional translator.


    • Alpine KCA-SC100
    • Audiovox/DICE DUO Kits 
    • Audiovox/DICE MediaBridge Kits
    • Audiovox UNI-200-USB 
    • Honda SIR-HON1
    • Honda HON-SC1
    • JVC KS-SRA100
    • Kenwood KCA-SR50 
    • Kenwood CA-SR20V 
    • Clarion CLA-SC1 
    • Eclipse ECL-SC1 
    • Kenwood KCA-SR50 
    • Pioneer CD-SB10 
    • Sony SNY-SC1
    • Toyota SIR-TOY1
    • Toyota TOY-SC1

    This will NOT work with the following

    • iSimple/Pac Audio Integration Kits
    • Vais Technology Integration Kits
    • Fusion Electronics Radios