SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit for SIRIUS-Ready Radios SCVDOC1B

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    SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit for Sirius-Ready Radios SCVDOC1B

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      SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit for Sirius-Ready Radios SCVDOC1B
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      SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit for Sirius-Ready Radios SCVDOC1B Sportster
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      SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit for Sirius-Ready Radios SCVDOC1B Stiletto
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      SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit for Sirius-Ready Radios SCVDOC1B Dock
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      SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit for Sirius-Ready Radios SCVDOC1B Contents


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    Note: The SCVDOC1B requires a compatible Sirius Ready Headunit and an applicable Sirius Translator to work. See Compatibility section. 

    The SCVDOC1B allows you to use your Universal Docking Compatible Dock and Play SIRIUS Receiver as the tuner for most SIRIUS Connect situations that require an SCC1 Connect Vehicle Tuner. This includes most integration kits for SIRIUS Ready aftermarket headunits and OEM XM to SIRIUS Conversions. Enjoy an integrated radio interface in your vehicle combined with the convenience and mobility of a Portable or Dock & Play radio without having to add a second subscription.


    • Connect and control your compatible SIRIUS Dock & Play and portable radios through your Sirius-Ready headunit.
    • Compatible with all SIRIUS Dock & Play and portable radios that incorporate the universal docking connector.
    • Compact design allows for various mounting options-including dash, glove box or center console.
    • Interface cable combines power, audio and control through a single connection providing a direct audio connection to a headunit
    • Compatible with the next generation of SiriusConnect interface adapters.
    • Locking with push-button release connector creates a secure connection even under heavy vibration environments.
    • Includes SCVDOC1 universal dock, 3 interchangeable adapter plates for Stiletto and all radios with universal docking capability, SiriusConnect interface cable, magnetic mount satellite antenna, dash mount with adhesive base.


    • SCVDOC1 Universal Dock
    • SiriusConnect Interface Cable
    • Mounting Accessories

    Stratus Series

    Stratus SV3TK1       Stratus 4 SV4TK1     Stratus 5 SV5TK1

    Stratus SV3TK1  Stratus 4 SV4TK1  Stratus 5 SV5TK1

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    Starmate 3 ST3TK1Starmate 4 ST4TK1Starmate 5 ST5TK1


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    Sportster 3 SP3TK1  Sportster 4 SP4TK1  Sportster 5 SP5TK1