SIRIUS Stiletto Home Docking Kit SLH1

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    SIRIUS Stiletto Home Docking Kit SLH1

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      SLH1 Dock
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      Stiletto Home Kit SLH1


    NOTE: This is a discontinued product and available on a very limited basis. More parts may become available through our buyback program. Click here for more information.


    The Stiletto Home Docking Kit is essential for those who want to get the most complete SIRIUS listening experience in their home. The dock contains a spare port to charge an extra battery and a USB Port to sync the Stiletto with your personal music library.

    Not Compatible with the Stiletto 2 (SL2)


    • Audio out to connect to your home stereo or desktop system
    • FM transmitter to wirelessly connect to your stereo system
    • PC Sync for connection to your PC, allows you to add MP3/WMA files
    • Dual Battery Charger with LED indicators to show when the battery is charged

    Kit Includes:

    Compatible SIRIUS Satellite Radios

    The radios listed below are compatible with the 5v Cigarette Lighter Adapter

    Stiletto Portable Series

      Stiletto 10 SL10PK1 & Stiletto 100 SL100PK1

       Stiletto 100 SL100PK1