Here is a list of as many of the SIRIUS XM Personalities and shows on Twitter as we can find and assemble. If you know of more please let @TSSTaylor know and we will try to get them up as soon as we can.


    Main Page  http://twitter.com/SIRIUS_XM_Radio

    Hits 1

    Mikey Piff http://twitter.com/MikeyPiff Morning Mash Up http://twitter.com/MorningMashup
    Spyder Harrison http://twitter.com/spyderharrison Mash Up Stanley T http://twitter.com/mashupstanleyt
    Mash Up Nicole http://twitter.com/MashUpNicole Mash Up Rich http://twitter.com/MashUpRich
    Mash Up Ryan http://twitter.com/MashUpRyan Pete Wentz http://twitter.com/petewentz
    Human Numan http://twitter.com/humannuman Kid Kelly http://twitter.com/kid_kelly

     The Blend Sirius 2/XM 25

    None found on Twitter

    SIRIUS XM Love Sirius 3/XM 23

    None found on Twitter

    40s on 4 Sirius|XM 4

    None found on Twitter

    50s on 5 Sirius|XM 5

    50s on 5 Twitter http://twitter.com/50s

    60s on 6 Sirius|XM 6


    60s on 6 Twitter http://twitter.com/60s

    70s on 7 Sirius|XM 7

    Magic Matt Alan http://twitter.com/mistercigar JJ Walker http://twitter.com/spyderharrison
    70s on 7 Twitter http://twitter.com/70s  

    80s on 8 Sirius|XM 8

    Mark Goodman http://twitter.com/goodymade Martha Quinn http://twitter.com/MarthaQuinn
    Alan Hunter http://twitter.com/althevj 80s on 8 Twitter http://twitter.com/80s

    90s on 9 Sirius|XM 9

    90s on 9 Twitter http://twitter.com/90s

    BBC Radio 1 Sirius 11/XM 29


    The Pulse Sirius 12/XM 26

    Ron Ross http://twitter.com/RadioRonRoss Jim Ryan http://twitter.com/JimRyanThePulse
    The Pulse Twitter http://twitter.com/siriuspulse  

    Elvis Radio Sirius 13/XM 18

    Bill Rock http://twitter.com/billrock1 Related Elvis News http://twitter.com/GracelandNews

    Escape Sirius 76/XM 28

    None found on Twitter

    E Street Radio Sirius 10/XM 58

    None found on Twitter

    Classic Vinyl Sirius 14/XM 46

    None found on Twitter

    Classic Rewind Sirius 15/XM 49

    Mark Goodman http://twitter.com/goodymade Kayla http://twitter.com/siriuskayla

    Deep Tracks Sirius 16/XM 40

    Dan Neer http://twitter.com/danoneer Earle Bailey http://twitter.com/Altanon
    Michael Tearson http://twitter.com/mister_maddog  

    Jam On Sirius 17/XM 56

    Jam_On Twitter http://twitter.com/jam_on Jonathan Schwartz http://twitter.com/JSchwartzNYC
    Marc Brownstein http://twitter.com/Fivestringpimp  

    The Spectrum Sirius 18/XM 45

    The Spectrum Twitter http://twitter.com/the_spectrum Mark Goodman http://twitter.com/goodymade

    The Boneyard Sirius 19/XM 53

    Lou Brutus http://twitter.com/LouBrutus Eddie Trunk http://twitter.com/therealedtrunk

    Octane Sirius 20/ XM 48

    Kayla http://twitter.com/siriuskayla Covino http://twitter.com/stevecovino
    Grant Random http://twitter.com/grantrandom Lou Brutus http://twitter.com/LouBrutus

    Alt Nation Sirius 21/XM 47

    Liquid Todd http://twitter.com/liquidtodd

    1st Wave Sirius 22/XM 44

    1st Wave Twitter http://twitter.com/1stwave

    Hair Nation Sirius 23/XM 41

    None found on Twitter

    Lithium Sirius 24/XM 54

    Jordan Gremli http://twitter.com/lithiumjordo

    Underground Garage Sirius 25/XM 59

    Steven Van Zandt http://twitter.com/StevieVanZandt Ko Melina http://twitter.com/komelina
    Kim Fowley http://twitter.com/KimFowley Genya Ravan http://twitter.com/Genyaravan

    SIRIUS XM U (XMU) Sirius 26/XM 43

    XMU Twitter http://twitter.com/siriusxmu Jake Fogelnest http://twitter.com/jakefogelnest

    Liquid Metal Sirius 27/XM 42

    Jose Mangin http://twitter.com/josemangin Ian Christe http://twitter.com/ianchriste
    Mario http://twitter.com/marioember Kara Pain http://twitter.com/karapain
    Troy http://twitter.com/troyquan  

    Faction Sirius 28/XM 52

    Jason Ellis http://twitter.com/ellismate Possibly Mike Tully http://twitter.com/possiblytully
    Bam Margera http://twitter.com/BAM__MARGERA Tony Hawk http://twitter.com/tonyhawk
    Jonny Moseley http://twitter.com/jonnymoseley Marky Ramone http://twitter.com/TheBlitzkrieg
    Tom Morello http://twitter.com/tmorello Will Pendarvis http://twitter.com/pendarvis
    Shannon Gunz http://twitter.com/ShannonGunz
    Jason Mayhem Miller http://twitter.com/mayhemmiller
    Raw Dog http://twitter.com/cominoandrick  

    The Loft Sirius 29/XM 50

    Lou Reed http://twitter.com/LouReed

    The Coffee House Sirius 30/XM 51

    None found on Twitter

    Radio Margaritaville Sirius 31/XM 55

    Jimmy Buffett http://twitter.com/jimmybuffett Carson Cooper http://twitter.com/carsoncooper
    JD Spradlin http://twitter.com/JDSpradlin  

    The Grateful Dead Channel Sirius 32/XM 57

    David Gans http://twitter.com/davidgans

    The Bridge Sirius 33

    None found on Twitter

    Iceberg Radio Sirius 85

    George Christie http://twitter.com/GeorgeChristie Steve Anthony http://twitter.com/agony1705


    CBC Radio 3 Sirius 86

    Lisa Christiansen http://twitter.com/LisachristCBC Amanda Putz http://twitter.com/amandaputz
    Grant Lawrence http://twitter.com/GrantLCBCR3 Raji Sohal http://twitter.com/RajiSohal

    SIRIUS XM Chill Sirius 35/XM 80

    None found on Twitter

    BPM Sirius 36/XM 81

    Pete Tong http://twitter.com/petetong1 Bob Sinclar http://twitter.com/BobSinclar
    David Guetta http://twitter.com/davidguettalife Official BPM http://twitter.com/siriusXMbpm

    Area Sirius 38/XM 83

    Paul Van Dyk http://twitter.com/paulvandyk Tiesto http://twitter.com/tiesto
    Ferry Corsten http://twitter.com/FerryCorsten Paul Oakenfold http://twitter.com/pauloakenfold
    DJ Icey http://twitter.com/dj_icey Robbie Rivera http://twitter.com/RobbieRivera
    Matt Darey http://twitter.com/Matt_Darey Benny Benassi http://twitter.com/BennyBenassi
    Markuz Schulz http://twitter.com/MarkusSchulz George Acosta http://twitter.com/georgeacosta
    Armin Van Buuren http://twitter.com/arminvanbuuren John Digweed http://twitter.com/DJJohnDigweed
    Emily Tan http://twitter.com/cessemi Tony Touch http://twitter.com/DJTONYTOUCH
    Theo http://twitter.com/djtheonyc  

    The Strobe Sirius 81/XM 84

    None found on Twitter

    Backspin Sirius 39/XM 65

    Monie Love http://twitter.com/mobrocka DJ Grandmaster Flash http://twitter.com/DJFlash4eva

    Hip Hop Nation Sirius 40/XM 67

    DJ Green Lantern http://twitter.com/DJ_GREENLANTERN DJ Premier http://twitter.com/DJPremierBlog
    DJ Skee http://twitter.com/djskee DJ Scream http://twitter.com/djscream
    DJ Don Cannon http://twitter.com/DonCannon DJ Infamous http://twitter.com/younginfamous
    DJ E-FEEZY http://twitter.com/djefeezy DJ Eclipse http://twitter.com/ItsDJEclipse

    Shade 45 Sirius 45/XM 66

    Eminem (Marshall Mathers) http://twitter.com/Eminem 50 Cent http://twitter.com/50CENT
    Angela Yee http://twitter.com/angelayee DJ Tony Touch http://twitter.com/DJTONYTOUCH
    Rude Jude http://twitter.com/rude_jude Lord Sear http://twitter.com/lordsear
    Leah Rose http://twitter.com/LeahRosita DJ Kay Slay http://twitter.com/TheDramaKing
    Clinton Sparks http://twitter.com/ClintonSparks DJ Drama http://twitter.com/DJDRAMA
    DJ Whoo Kid http://twitter.com/DJWhooKid Coach PR http://twitter.com/CoachPR
    DJ MANDOG http://twitter.com/DJ_MANDOG Terry Urban http://twitter.com/terryurban
    DJ Self http://twitter.com/djself  

    The Heat Sirius 50/XM 68

    DJ Grandmaster Flash http://twitter.com/DJFlash4eva Wonder Twinz http://twitter.com/WonderTwinZ
    Dion Summers http://twitter.com/diondeezy Deja Vu http://twitter.com/SistaGirlz

    Heart & Soul Sirius 51/XM 62

    Fred Buggs http://twitter.com/bugsybuggs

    Soul Town Sirius 53/XM 60

    Ken "Spider" Webb http://twitter.com/KenSpiderWebb Jeff Foxx http://twitter.com/JEFFFOXX

    The Highway Sirius 60/XM 16

    Al Skop http://twitter.com/alskop Storme Warren http://twitter.com/stormewarren

    Prime Country Sirius 61/XM 17

    Joey Black http://twitter.com/JoeyBlackSXM

    The Roadhouse Sirius 62/XM 10

    Bil Anderson http://twitter.com/WhisperinBill Joyce Rizer http://twitter.com/joycerizer

    Outlaw Country Sirius 63/XM 12

    Steve Earle http://twitter.com/steveearlemusic Shooter Jennings http://twitter.com/TennesseeWolf
    Dallas Wayne http://twitter.com/dalway  

    Willie's Place Sirius 64/XM 13

    Willie Nelson http://twitter.com/willienelson Willie's Place Twitter http://twitter.com/williesplacetx

    Bluegrass Junction Sirius 65/XM 14

    Del McCoury http://twitter.com/delmccouryband Joey Black http://twitter.com/JoeyBlackSXM
    Wichita Rutherford http://twitter.com/WichitaR  

    The Message Sirius 66/XM 32

    Doug Hannah http://twitter.com/doughannah Kayla http://twitter.com/siriuskayla

    Enlighten Sirius 67/XM 34

    Daniel Britt http://twitter.com/danielbritt

    Praise Sirius 68/XM 33

    None found on Twitter

    Watercolors Sirius|XM 71

    None found on Twitter

    Real Jazz Sirius 72/XM 70

    Wynton Marsalis http://twitter.com/wyntonmarsalis

    Spa Sirius 73/XM 72

    None found on Twitter

    B.B. King's Bluesville Sirius|XM 74

    None found on Twitter

    SIRIUSLY Sinatra Sirius 75/XM 73

    None found on Twitter

    On Broadway Sirius 77/XM 75

    None found on Twitter

    Metropolitan Opera Radio Sirius 78/XM 79

    None found on Twitter

    SIRIUS XM Pops Sirius 79/XM 77

    None found on Twitter

    Symphony Hall Sirius 80/XM 78

    None found on Twitter

    Caliente Sirius 83/XM 85

    None found on Twitter

    The Joint Sirius 84/XM 86

    None found on Twitter

    Bande A Part Sirius 87

    None found on Twitter

    Energie 2 Sirius 89

    Richard Fortin http://twitter.com/richardfortin

    SIRIUS NFL Radio Sirius 124

    SIRIUS NFL Radio Twitter http://twitter.com/SIRIUSNFLRADIO Late Hits Twitter http://twitter.com/LateHits
    Randy Cross http://twitter.com/randycrossFB Peter King http://twitter.com/SI_PeterKing
    Adam Schein http://twitter.com/AdamSchein Adam Caplan http://twitter.com/caplannfl
    Ralph Vacchiano http://twitter.com/TheBlueScreen Ross Tucker http://twitter.com/SI_RossTucker
    Howard Balzer http://twitter.com/HBalzer721 Dave Hagen http://twitter.com/SiriusNFLProd
    Bill Lekas http://twitter.com/blekas  

    SIRIUS College SportsCollege Sports

    TJ Rives http://twitter.com/TJPlayingThru

    SIRIUS Nascar Radio Sirius 128/XM 128

    SIRIUS Nascar Radio Twitter http://twitter.com/SIRIUSXM128 Mike Bagley http://twitter.com/michaelbagley
    Jerry Bonkowski http://twitter.com/JerryBonkowski Claire B Lang http://twitter.com/ClaireBLang
    Pete Pistone http://twitter.com/PPistone  

    ESPN Deportes Sirius 91

    Renato Bermudez http://twitter.com/renaber24 Kenneth Garay http://twitter.com/cabecero

    Hardcore Sports Sirius 98

    Hardcore Sports Twitter http://twitter.com/HSR_98 Joe Ross http://twitter.com/_Joe_Ross
    Gabriel Morency http://twitter.com/sportsrage James Sharman http://twitter.com/jamessharman
    Aaron Bronsteter http://twitter.com/aarbron Steve Kouleas http://twitter.com/Kouleas

    Sports Play by Play Sirius 125,126/XM 205-209,232-236,237-239,241-246

    Steve Byk http://twitter.com/Steve_Byk

    Blue Collar RadioBlue Collar Radio Sirius 103/XM 148

    None found on Twitter

    Raw DogRaw Dog Sirius 104/XM 150

    Jim Breuer http://twitter.com/JimBreuer Sonny Fox http://twitter.com/sonnyfoxxm

    Laugh BreakLaugh USA Sirius 105/XM 151

    None found on Twitter

    The FoxxholeThe Foxxhole Sirius 106/XM 149

    The Foxxhole Twitter http://twitter.com/foxxhole Jamie Foxx http://twitter.com/MrJamieFoxx
    Claudia Jordan http://twitter.com/theclaudiajshow Sheryl Underwood http://twitter.com/sherylunderwood

    The VIRUSThe Virus Sirius 197/XM 202

    Opie http://twitter.com/OpieRadio Official Ron and Fez Show http://twitter.com/202Friends
    Prime Time Sam Roberts http://twitter.com/notsam Jim Norton http://twitter.com/JimNorton
    Jason Ellis http://twitter.com/ellismate Fez  http://twitter.com/Fezshitter
    Anthony Cumia http://twitter.com/AnthonyCumia Eastside Dave http://twitter.com/rfeastsidedave
    Erock http://twitter.com/erockradio Travis http://twitter.com/travistefft
    Danny http://twitter.com/BigDoodies Steve C http://twitter.com/foundrymusic
    Troy http://twitter.com/troyquan Special Delivery Show http://twitter.com/specialshow
    Dr. Steve http://twitter.com/weirdmedicine  

    Playboy Radio Sirius|XM 99

    Jenna Jameson http://twitter.com/jennajameson Bridget Marquardt http://twitter.com/BunnyBridget
    Tiffany Granath http://twitter.com/AFTERNOONADVICE Vanessa Blue http://twitter.com/Vanessa_Blue
    Kylie Ireland http://twitter.com/kylieireland Tera Patrick http://twitter.com/TeraPatrickxxx

    SIRIUS XM Stars Sirius 102

    Barbara Walters http://twitter.com/BarbaraJWalters Deepak Chopra http://twitter.com/Deepak_Chopra
    Jane Pratt http://twitter.com/JaneRadio Dr. Laura http://twitter.com/drlauraprogram
    Rosie Radio Recap http://twitter.com/RosieRadioRecap  

    SIRIUS XM Stars Too Sirius 108

    Covino and Rich http://twitter.com/CovinoandRich Me and Vinnie http://twitter.com/MeAndVinnie
    Game On http://twitter.com/gameonsiriusxm Dee Snider http://twitter.com/TheHouseOfHair
    Mark Zito http://twitter.com/MarkZito  

    SIRIUS OutQ Sirius 109/XM 98

    OutQ Twitter http://twitter.com/OutQ OutQ News Twitter http://twitter.com/outqnews
    Larry Flick http://twitter.com/LarryFlick Michelangelo Signorile http://twitter.com/msignorile
    Doria Biddle http://twitter.com/DoriaBiddle Greg the Cupcake http://twitter.com/MrGregCupcake

    Cosmo Radio Sirius 111/XM 162

    Cosmo Radio Twitter http://twitter.com/COSMORADIO Cocktails with Patrick http://twitter.com/CocksWithP
    Sara Benincasa http://twitter.com/SaraJBenincasa Victoria Keelan http://twitter.com/CosmoVictoria09
    Kenny Zimlinghaus http://twitter.com/Kennyzimlinghau Lea Palmieri http://twitter.com/LittleLeaP

    SIRIUS XM Book Radio Sirius 117/XM163

    None found on Twitter

    Radio Classics Sirius 118/XM 164

    None found on Twitter

    Road Dog Trucking Sirius 147/XM 171

    None found on Twitter

    Howard Stern Channels Sirius|XM 100-101


    Martha StewartMartha Stewart Sirius 112/XM 157

    Martha Stewart http://twitter.com/MarthaStewart Martha Radio http://twitter.com/martharadio
    Tracie Hotchner http://twitter.com/traciehotchner Sandy Gluck http://twitter.com/everydayfoodsan
    Jennifer Hutt http://twitter.com/jenniferhutt Maggie Mistal http://twitter.com/MaggieMistal
    Lucinda Scala Quinn http://twitter.com/MadhungryLSQ Mario Bosquez http://twitter.com/MarioBMartha

    OPRAH RADIO Oprah Radio Sirius 195/XM 156

    Oprah Twitter http://twitter.com/oprah Gayle King http://twitter.com/kinggayle
    Dr. Oz http://twitter.com/DrOz Dr. Laura Berman http://twitter.com/drlauraberman


    Doctor Radio Sirius 114/XM 119

    Dr. Alexandra Barzvi http://twitter.com/drbarzvi Dr. Ira Breite http://twitter.com/doctorira

    Radio Disney Sirius|XM 115