SiriusXM Car Antenna

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    SiriusXM Car Antenna for SIRIUS & XM Radios

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      SiriusXM Car Antenna
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    The Sirius XM Interoperable Car Antenna is a high gain magnetic vehicle antenna designed to work with both Sirius and XM branded satellite radios. Cable length: Approx. 20ft. Connector: SMB


    Specific Application Accessories

    • For Boombox Applications in the Vehicle use the Car Antenna with the  Straight SMB Adapter Plug.
    • If your connection requires a plastic Fakra connector (Rare 2001-2003 applications) you can use the Car Antenna with a Fakra to SMB Connector.

     Alternate Antenna Choices

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    Compatible with ALL single-input dock or radio antenna connections. Below photos show a single-input antenna connection.