Universal SIRIUS Factory-Like Kit for Car Radios

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Universal SIRIUS Factory-Like Kit for Car Radios

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    Universal SIRIUS Factory-Like Kit for Car Radios
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    Universal SIRIUS Factory-Like Kit for Car Radios SCC1
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    Universal SIRIUS Factory-Like Kit for Car Radios Solo
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    Universal SIRIUS Factory-Like Kit for Car Radios wtih flash
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    Universal SIRIUS Factory-Like Kit for Car Radios Diag 1
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    Universal SIRIUS Factory-Like Kit for Car Radios Diag. 2
Audiovox Universal Media Interface AUNI-200-USB   +$0.00
SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Tuner SCC1   +$0.00

Price as configured: $249.99


For the most up to date compatibility notes, try using our Sirius Factory Like In Dash Kit Finder CLICK HERE


Image Works With Sirius Radios

The Universal SIRIUS Factory-Like Kit for Car Radios pairs the AUNI-200-USB and the SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Tuner (SCC1) to offer a semi-integrated SIRIUS kit compatible with nearly all factory FM car stereos. 


  • AUNI-200-USB Interface Module
  • Pro FM Antenna Cable
  • Pro Power Harness
  • Pro Remote Control & IR Sensor
  • SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Tuner SCC1
  • SIRIUS Magnetic Vehicle Antenna
  • SIRIUS Connect Interface Cable


NOTE: This product goes in line with your vehicle's AM/FM antenna and may require an additional antenna adapter to fit. Please check your vehicle's requirements HERE. If your vehicle does require an additional antenna adapter, click HERE to view those products.

About the AUNI-200-USB:

The Audiovox DICE AUNI-200-USB is a hardwired FM-modulator kit that allows you to connect a USB thumb drive, iPod/iPhone, or SIRIUS Satellite Radio tuner (SCC1) directly to your vehicle's factory FM radio. It offers a direct connection and audio playback with text display (with RDS compatible factory stereo) and remote control for nearly all factory FM radios. The AUNI-200-USB also uses a completely digital audio circuit to cut out static and interference and provide optimum sound quality over an FM frequency.  The result is unsurpassed sound quality in a universal connectivity kit that works in any vehicle.

AUNI-200-USB is Made for iPod (MFi) and Works with iPhone (WWi) compliant allowing a full featured iPod/iPhone experience over USB in the vehicle. With a SIRIUS Satellite Radio Tuner (SCC1) or SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Dock (SCVDOC1) the AUNI-200-USB also allows for a semi-integrated satellite radio system. Text information will be displayed through the vehicle's car stereo display and all functions can be performed with the included remote control. 



  • Hard wired and fully digital audio path from the iPod/USB to the FM modulator chip offers high quality noise-free sound.
  • Simple in-line connection with vehicle radio.
  • Simple wiring harness with minimal splicing required.
  • Song title, artist and album are showing on the head unit’s display using RDS technology.
  • USB Flash Drive (up to 4GB)  supports folder browsing up to 8 levels deep and up to 200 folders in each level.
  • 13-button IR remote with shortcut buttons designed to allow easy navigation through folders, playlists, artists and albums.
  • The iPod or iPhone remains unlocked for a quick and familiar way to browse for content.
  • Select from 4 FM frequencies: 88.7, 93.3, 97.5, and 107.7