SoundlinQ3 SL3SAT SiriusXM Toyota, Lexus and Scion Satellite Radio Integration Package

    Part Number: SL3SAT+SXV200V1

    Quick Overview

    Factory Radio Integration Bundle for select Toyota, Lexus and Scion Vehicles.

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      SiriusXM Part1
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      SiriusXM Part2


    The SL3x XM Satellite Radio Interface allows you to receive digital XM Satellite Radio directly through select  Toyota, Lexus or Scion OEM head units. It seamlessly integrates the SiriusXM Aftermarket Vehicle Tuner (SXV200V1) Tuner (Sold Separately) with the car's OEM audio system. You can now control your Satellite Radio Receiver through the vehicle's head unit and audio steering wheel controls. Experience the best possible sound quality in your car without Cassette Adapters, FM Transmitters or FM Modulators.

    The SL3x provides direct Plug-and-Play connection to Toyota OEM audio system and supports vehicles whether they are equipped with Navigation System or not.  See compatibility list for details.

    • SiriusXM Aftermarket Vehicle Tuner (SXV200V1) Tuner integration
    • Full controls via OEM Radio or Steering Wheel Controls *
    • 10+ and 10- mode is used in CD/MD changer emulation for convinient satellite channel selection
    • Radio TUNE knob is used to change channels in SAT emullation
    • 10 PRESETs are available for your favorite channels in CD/MD changer emulation
    • 18 PRESETs are available for your favorite channels in SAT emulation
    • Artist/Song info displayed on the Navigation screen or Radio display **
    • Channel number displayed on the Navigation screen or Radio display
    • True Plug & Play solution
    • Improved sound quality
    • Warranty: 1 year

    *      Some functional limitations could apply depending on the vehicle model
    **     Available ONLY for the Lexus models with Radio supports MD Changer with MD-Text or CD Changer with CD-Text

    Note:  Radios in some earlier model vehicles will work with this product, but may not be able to display text. Please see the compatibility documents for latest compatible vehicles


    Compatible Toyota Models :

    4 Runner 2005-2011 With JBL, Navigation or AM/SAT button

    Avalon 2005-2014 With JBL, Navigation, touch screen or AM/SAT button

    Camry/Solara 2005-2014 With JBL, Navigation or AM/SAT button (P10069, 518C1 radio models NOT compatible)

    Corolla 2007-2013

    FJ Cruiser 2006-2012 With JBL, Navigation or AM/SAT button

    Highlander 2005-2013 With JBL, Navigation or AM/SAT button

    Land Cruiser 2003-2004 With Navigation

    Land Cruiser 2005-2011 All Packages

    Matrix 2007-2013

    Prius 2004-2012 All Packages

    RAV 4 2008-2012 With JBL, Navigation or AM/SAT button

    Sequoia 2005-2011 With Navigation or AM/SAT button

    Sienna 2004-2005 With Navigation

    Sienna 2006-2014 With JBL, Navigation or AM/SAT button

    Tacoma 2005-2013 With JBL, Navigation, Touch Screen or AM/SAT button

    Tundra 2007-2013 All packages

    Venza 2009-2014 All packages

    Yaris 2007-2013 All Packages



    GS 300/400/430/450H 2001-2009 All Packages

    ES 300/330/350 2004-2009 All Packages

    ES 300/330/350 2002-2003 (With Navigation)

    GX 470 2003-2009 All Packages

    RX 300/330/400H/350 2005-2009 All Packages

    RX 300/330/400H/350 2001-2004 With Navigation

    LX 470 2005-2006 All Packages

    LX 570 2008-2009 All Packages

    LS 430 2001-2006 All Packages

    SC 430 2005-2009 All Packages

    IS 300/250/350 2001-2009 All Packages


    All models  - 2005-2014 All Packages (T10015 radio is NOT Compatible)