Vais Technology SiriusXM Interface Bundle for 2014 + Honda Pilot Models

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    Vais Technologies SiriusXM Satellite Radio Interface Adapter for Compatible Honda Models GSR-022 Bundle

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      GSR-022 Honda Bundle
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    Vais Technology SiriusXM Satellite Radio Interface Adapter GSR-022 for the 2014+ Honda Pilot   +$0.00
    SiriusXM SXV200V1 Aftermarket Vehicle Tuner SXV200V1   +$0.00

    Price as configured: $259.98


    GSR allows you to receive digital SiriusXM Satellite Radio directly through the Honda OEM head unit. It seamlessly integrates the SiriusXM vehicle Tuner (SXV200) into the OEM audio system.

     Radio Example 1

    Get SiriusXM service Add the SiriusXM SXV200 tuner which will allow you to subscribe to SiriusXM channels using one single tuner.


    Enjoy your Satellite Radio Outstanding sound quality with direct connection to your radio, without Cassette Adapters, FM Transmitters or FM Modulators.


    Presets - Preset 36 of your favorite stations for easy and quick selection. Display varies depending on the car manufacturer, make and model.

     Preset Example

    Channel and category browsing Use your touch screen, radio controls, steering wheel, or tuning knob for quick browsing through wide channel selection, or browse by category if you prefer.

    Channel Guide

    Plug and Play design -- GSR provides plug and play connection to vehicle's USB port and a constant power source. Does NOT require you to remove the head unit. Display varies depending on the car manufacturer.


    See who's playing Channel and Song information will be displayed on the Radio LCD or a touch screen. GSR utilizes expanded character display. This products supports vehicles whether they are equipped with touch screen or not.

     SiriusXM Song Information

    Integrated radio and steering wheel controls -- You can now control your Satellite Radio through the vehicle's head unit and steering wheel controls. Display varies depending on the car manufacturer.

     Steering Wheel Control

    Retains all factory installed equipment. Vais' unique technology allows you to keep all factory installed components such as iPod/iPhone add-on, 6-disc CD changer, CD/DVD changer, Rearseat Entertainment System or any other equipment you may have installed in your car.


    • Vais Technology GSR-022 Interface
    • SiriusXM SXV200 tuner

    Compatible Honda Models Include:

    • 2014+ Honda Pilot