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XM OnyX EZ Standalone Receiver

XM SKYFi2 Satellite Radio Standalone Receiver

Part Number: SkyFi2Standalone

Quick Overview

XM SKYFi2 Satellite Radio Standalone Receiver

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Works with the XM Platform


This is a standalone receiver.  It does NOT include a vehicle kit or any other components.

Delphi's SKYFi2 receiver and car kit makes it easy for you to enjoy the endless programming variety of XM Satellite Radio. It all starts with the ingenious SKYFi2 add-on tuner, which features a five-line display (with adjustable font size) that shows song title, artist and more.

The sleek tuner is compact and offers true dock & play design, making it easy for you transfer it from your vehicle to your home, to the beach, or to your boat (with accessories that are sold separately).


  • Built-in FM wireless modulator. Listen to XM through any nearby FM radio without using any wires.
  • 30-Minute Replay. Pause and replay up to 30 minutes of live XM broadcast.
  • TuneSelect™. Find your favorite songs by song title or artist name if they're currently playing on any XM channel.
  • Personalized stock and sports tickers. Track your favorite stocks and sports scores on your SKYFi2's display while listening to your favorite music.
  • A brighter, white LED backlit display for even better visibility.
  • More versatile vehicle mounting options than previous model.


  • SKYFi 2 XM Receiver

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