SiriusXM Universal Home Signal Distribution Kit SXHDK1

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SiriusXM Universal Home Signal Distribution Kit

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    SiriusXM Universal Home Signal Distribution Kit SXHDK1 Product Kit


The Home Signal Distribution Kit for cable or satellite TV plus satellite radio will allow you to get the best signal to a Sirius, SiriusXM or XM Radio using your existing TV RG-6 wiring.


  • Compatible with SiriusXM, Sirius and XM radios
  • Place the antenna outside for optimal signal reception and to improve satellite radio enjoyment
  • Simplifies installation by using existing coaxial wiring for cable TV or satellite TV (combiner/splitter system Lets you combine cable TV or satellite TV and satellite radio signals and distribute signal throughout your home using existing wiring)
  • Compatible with DirecTV® (legacy & SWM), DISH Network,™ AT&T™ U-verse,® Verizon™ FiOS,® cable and off-air television systems
  • Radio can be anywhere in the house near a TV jack and up to 150' away from the antenna so you can enjoy satellite radio where you want
  • Uses standard RG-6 cables for antenna installation*
  • All components have standard cable TV connectors (F type)
  • Mount the outdoor home antenna on an exterior wall, chimney, mast or pole
  • Professional installation recommended

This kit will NOT work with HD Satellite TV Cable. 

NOTE: Requires RG-6 Cable not included with this kit.


  • Outdoor Home Antenna
  • Antenna Mounting Hardware
  • Combiner
  • Splitter
  • Adapter Cable
  • Power Supply
  • User Manual