Refurb XM Commander MT Satellite Radio

    Part Number: XMRVRFM002

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    XM Commander MT Satellite Radio

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      XM Commander MT Headunit
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      XM Commander MT in Tan Car
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      XM Commander MT in Black Car


    XM Radio Platform

    The Factory Refurbished CommanderMT Universal In-Car XM Receiver integrates into any vehicle with a direct FM connection. The combination of a micro tuner which can be tucked away in your vehicle and a compact control panel that fits into any interior, the CommanderMT is one of the most versatile XM radios available.



    • Four line display to easily view channel, artist, song title and info extras
    • Universal FM direct hardwire solution provides clear audio
    • Move quickly through XM channels with the tune and press dial
    • Info extras keeps track of selected sports scores and stocks
    • TuneSelect finds your favorite songs or artists
    • Number keys allow direct channel entry & 30 channel presets
    • Clock is automatically set via satellite



    • CommanderMT Display Controller
    • XM Mini-Tuner
    • Interconnect Cradle
    • FM Direct Adapter
    • Remote Control
    • Magnetic Car Antenna
    • Mounting Accessories
    • Power Harness