XM Onyx EZ w/car kit and Belkin Boombox System

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XM Onyx EZ w/car kit and Belkin Boombox System

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1 x Belkin F5X007 XM Audio System - (New)   +$0.00
1 x XM OnyX EZ with PowerConnect Vehicle Kit XEZ1V1   +$0.00

Price as configured: $119.99


This bundle includes the brand new XM Onyx EZ and PowerConnect Vehicle Kit along with the Belkin Boombox System F5X007.

The 'EZ'-to-use XM OnyX EZ boasts a straightforward design with an easy-to-read blue display and all the essential features needed to enjoy satellite radio. The OnyX EZ's features include the ability to save and quickly access up to 10 favorite channels and One-Touch Jump that allows direct access to the traffic and weather condition of the 20 most congested cities. The OnyX EZ is sold with a PowerConnect™ vehicle kit and the Dock & Play design makes it easy to add accessories for listening at home, in the office and elsewhere. The XM OnyX EZ supports all programming packages currently available on the XM network, including "XM Premier(The Best of SIRIUS)" package.  *NOTE: The remote functions differ for the Onyx EZ, and volume must be controled through interal settings when using remote control (as opposed to the standard +/- volume function).


  • Easy to install: Revolutionary SIRIUS XM PowerConnect™ FM Transmitter works through your vehicle's radio with easy Do-It-Yourself installation
  • Programming Information: View artist name, song title, and channel information on a large, easy-to-read blue display
  • Channel Surf: Browse programs, artists and songs playing on other channels, without having to change the one you're on.
  • Parental Controls: Lock and unlock channels with easy-to-use parental controls
  • One-Touch Jump: One-Touch Jump to traffic and weather of the 20 most congested cities, or to the previous channel to which you were listening
  • Favorites: Save and enjoy fast access to up to 10 of your favorite channels
  • FM Favorites: Store FM presets to optimize PowerConnect™ performance

This sharp-looking boombox allows gives you complete freedom to experience XM satellite radio programming in almost any environment. With the molded handle, water-resistant cover, and an attractive ergonomic design, the F5X007 is versatile enough to go from the boat to the kitchen with ease. The radio firmly slides into the Audio Systems docking station. Load the system with eight C-cell batteries and, with the help of the integrated portable antenna, you'll be ready to tune your favorite XM programs anywhere you roam. Of course, you can use the F5X007 indoors, too. You can use the external antenna in place of the integrated antenna. This allows you to position the external antenna in the optimal spot for perfect reception of the XM satellite signal. It comes equipped with an indoor power adapter, and even offers a headphone jack for private listening. Plus, with the included wireless remote you have across-the-room radio control. Indoors or out, the F5X007 features a two-way stereo speaker system that uses separate woofers and tweeters to deliver a clear, forceful sound.

  • Compatible with select XM and SiriusXM Radios 
  • Water-Resistant center dock enclosure 
  • Two-way stereo speakers 
  • Integrated XM antenna 
  • Carrying handle 
  • Headphone jack 
  • Front-panel volume control 
  • Wireless remote 
  • Accepts 8 "C" batteries for portable use 
  • 17-3/4"W x 8-3/4"H x 5-5/8"D