XM PowerConnect Vehicle Docking Kit XADV2

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XM PowerConnect Vehicle Kit XADV2

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    XM PowerConnect Vehicle Docking Kit XADV2 Contents
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    XM PowerConnect Vehicle Docking Kit XADV2 Dock
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    XM PowerConnect Vehicle Docking Kit XADV2 Thumb


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Everything you need to listen to your Satellite Radio in a second vehicle, no additional subscription needed. And the installation is easy with SIRIUS|XM PowerConnect™ and the Color-Coded Vehicle Dock – you'll be up and running in a flash. Also allows you to use the PowerConnect technology with compatible models that didn't ship with that feature. About PowerConnect: Sirius XM's PowerConnect technology gives you great results when transmitting wirelessly over an FM frequency - without any additional equipment being installed. The PowerConnect power adapter uses the ground found in your vehicle's cigarette lighter/power port to create a strong, clear FM signal to your car stereo.