XM Roady XT Car Kit SA10178

Part Number: SA10178

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Delphi XM Radio Roady XT Car Kit for additional vehicles

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    XM Radio Roady XT Car Kit


Many of our customers usually drive one vehicle when working or commuting and then drive something else (SUV, Minivan, etc.) when spending time with family on the weekends.

If you use a Delphi XM Satellite Radio Roady XT to listen to XM Radio during the week and want an easy way to listen to the satellite radio in another vehicle sometimes, this is the way to do it. This kit will make it easy to switch your radio from one car to another.

  • Plays XM's all-digital satellite radio lineup through your car's existing stereo system. 
  • Convenient docking cradle offers both hard and soft dash-mounting options. 
  • Small magnetic antenna attaches to roof; cassette adapter works with traditional tape decks.