XM XMP3/XMP3i Home Kit XAPH1

Part Number: XAPH1

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XM XMP3/XMP3i Home Kit

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    XM XMP3/XMP3i Home Kit XAPH1 Contents 1 Image
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    XM XMP3 XMP3i Home Kit XAPH1 Dock Front Image
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    XM XMP3 XMP3i Home Kit XAPH1 Example Image 1
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    XM XMP3 XMP3i Home Kit XAPH1 Dock Back Image
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    XM XMP3 XMP3i Home Kit XAPH1 Example Image 3


Contains everything you need to play your XMP3 or XMP3i in a second location in your home or office. Works with any home stereo or powered speaker system with audio input jacks and also charges the radio while docked.


  • Add Satellite Radio to another room: No need for a second subscription
  • Listen with any system: Works with any stereo system or powered speakers that have audio input jacks
  • Get a charge out of the home or office: Charges the XMp3i™ Radio while docked
  • Easy to install: The Color-Coded Home Dock makes it simple to connect.



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