XM XMP3i Standalone Receiver

Part Number: XMP3iSTAND

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XM XMP3i Standalone Receiver

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Works with the XM Platform

With full portability, impressive flexibility, and simple usability, the XMP3i Standalone Receiver and MP3 player is everything you need in a XM Satellite Radio. On a device like this, the features speak for themselves. With the ability to record up to 5 channels at once you will never again miss your favorite program, take your own MP3 collection along with the microSDTM slot, and record up to 100 hours of XM radio you will have everything you need to enjoy XM Radio right out of the box!  The XMP3i is compatible with SIRIUS XM PowerConnect FM Transmitter with easy Do-It-Yourself installation.

This is a Standalone Receiver. It DOES NOT come with any accessories and is meant primarily for replacement purposes. If you are looking for the XMP3i complete kit, click HERE.

NOTE: This Standalone is a suitable replacement for the Pioneer XMP3 unit and is compatible with all XMP3 kits.


  • XMP3i Receiver
  • XMP3i Battery