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Finding The Right Radio

SIRIUS XM for Beginners



SiriusXM Satellite Radio is a service that provides a wide variety of programming for everybody. Music, sports, talk, news and traffic are all featured on SiriusXM with various genres from each category. A good way to picture satellite radio is like a cable television but instead of watching the subscription on your television, you can listen to the subscription on your home or car stereo. 



Installing SiriusXM radio is very easy to do but first you need a satellite radio tuner, or more simply, radio. While there are several different types of radios, for the most part they all provide the same service. There are three types of satellite radio tuners. Sirius radios, XM radios, and SiriusXM radios. There are still a few minor differences between a Sirius and XM branded radio though. For example, even though an XM radio might fit on a Sirius radio dock or vice versa they are incompatible with each other and one won't play on the others equipment. Subscriptions are another minor difference with each radio having its own separate system for subscriptions. Different programming packages at different price points are offered for Sirius and XM radios. This also leads into the third minor difference between the two which is the programing.

Since Sirius and XM merged, most of the channels are the same between the two services (see here for comparison guide). At this point, there are very few differences between the stations you get on Sirius and the stations you get on XM. 
Here are some of the radios to choose from. Most of them include a vehicle kit so you can start listening right away.

XM Onyx
Platform: XM
XM Onyx EZ
Platform: XM
XM Onyx Plus
Platform: XM
SiriusXM Edge
Platform: XM
Sirius Stratus 7
Platform: Sirius
Starmate 8
Platform: Sirius

Starmate 5
Platform: Sirius 


After you have chosen and received your satellite radio you are ready for installation. Each radio comes with the bare minimum of what you need to install. The instructions included with each radio also give detailed and specific instructions for self-installation.

Generally, you will need to mount the radio/cradle, attach the power adapter and antenna to the cradle, and route the antenna to the roof of the car. If this makes you nervous or you would rather just have someone else install the radio any car audio installation company can put satellite radio into your vehicle.
There are also many other products you can use to upgrade your installation by making it look cleaner and sound better. Below are several products to help you get even more out of your satellite radio.

Cassette Tape Adapter - An easy way to play the audio from your satellite radio on your car stereo. Connect one end to your satellite radio and pop the cassette tape end into your deck.   Vehicle Specific Mounts install in your vehicle to create a well-integrated location to mount your satellite radio.
Aux.Input Cable - Many newer cars now come with an aux input to use with iPods or mp3 players. They also work great for satellite radio.
FM Direct Adapter - A very common way to connect satellite radios to your vehicle. This device turns off your FM antenna when you turn your satellite radio on preventing competing FM stations to interfere with your listening. Vehicle Power Hardwire Kit - This kit hardwires your satellite radio to your vehicle's power so you don't have to use the cigarette lighter adapter. This also means one less cord on your dash.
  Aux Input Adapters install into many different types of vehicles that don't already have an auxiliary input. The best sound quality.

Once everything is installed and your radio is powered up you need to set up your subscription. The quickest and easiest way is to do it online as you can enter exactly the information needed and you won't have to wait on hold!
To Subscribe:

or call

You have SiriusXM installed in your car and with so many great stations to listen to you have probably come to find how difficult it can be to stop listening when you get out of your car. Luckily there are many options to expand your SiriusXM listening experience beyond your vehicle so you don't have to.

SXABB2 Boombox
Boomboxes - Are one of the easiest ways to bring Sirius XM into your home. These can be plugged into the wall and placed anywhere the antenna can get a signal. The best part? Use batteries for the ultimate portable satellite radio experience.
Find Boomboxes Here

XM Home Kit
Home Kits - Very Similar to the vehicle kit that came with your radio, these allow you to connect your Sirius XM radio to your home stereo.
Find Home Kits Here

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