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Sirius Stiletto 2What is a device recovery?

Stilettos are known to be problematic from time to time.  Fortunately, there is a fix!  A device recovery is the process of resetting the Stiletto to its factory settings by updating the radios firmware.  These recoveries will fix just about any firmware related issue with the Stiletto 10, Stiletto 100, or the Stiletto 2.  While this process used to be accessible to everyone, the company that created the Stiletto has since gone out of business, and therefore the online software is no longer supported, so you are likely to encounter this error message:

“Sorry, your PC must be connected to the Internet in order to recover your device software. Please connect your PC to the Internet and try again.”

Fortunately, TSS Radio has created an offline version of the software that allows us to perform the recoveries for you!


Will a device recovery fix my issue?

Device recoveries are known to be a sort of cure-all for the Stiletto radios.  If you are having any of the following issues, it is likely that the recovery will be right for you:

Error Message

  • Error message
  • Missing or problematic recordings
  • Playback issues
  • Unresponsive features
  • Blank or Scrambled Screen
  • Any other firmware related issue


We perform software recoveries only. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer physical repairs (broken screen, wheel, etc.).


How do I get my Stiletto recovered?

If you send your Stiletto into us we will perform the recovery for you.  Here's what you need to know:


US Customers
$30 (Includes return shipping)

Canadian Customers
$45 (Includes return shipping)

We accept checks and money orders, or we can call you once the recovery is complete for a credit card payment.

Send to:


2711 N Sepulveda Blvd #280

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Include contact information and return shipping address.