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Sound Advice

Sound Advice - Auxiliary Input Adapters

Are you getting static when you listen to your Sirius XM radio in your car?  Next time you get a chance, look at the back of your Sirius or XM car cradle.  If you only have 2 wires or less connected to the back of the SiriusXM dock, you are using an FM signal to transmit Sirius or XM sound to your radio. Interference from competing FM signals in the area can degrade the signal from your Sirius XM Radio, causing static.  

Luckily, there are many alternate ways to get better sound from your Sirius XM Receiver to your car radio.

Auxiliary Input Cable

Aux Input Cable

This is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to get the best sound from your Sirius XM receiver to your car radio.  This cable will also let you attach to your smartphone, iPhone or Mp3 Player to your car stereo.  Requirements: A car with an aux,  line out, or audio out  jack in front of the radio.

What happens if your car doesn't have an aux jack on the radio?

Auxiliary Input Adapter

Pie Aux Input Adapter

You might be able to add this feature with an auxiliary input device.  This device installs to the back of the car stereo( in the CD Changer/SAT port) and gives you a CD-Quality sound without any static or interference whatsoever and both AM and FM work as normal . This device also powers your 5v Sirius plug and play radios. It provides an 1/8th” jack to plug into the dock of a SIRIUS Radio-XM Radio-iPod or any other device with an audio output. Be sure to check the compatibility for these products to make sure you get the right device.

If we don't have a compatible adapter listed above we do have a universal option.

Universal FM Auxiliary Input Adapter

Universal PIE Adapter

This Aux adapter integrates directly with the FM port on the back of your your car radio allowing you to directly connect your SiriusXM radio, Android phone or iPhone to your car's radio.  It will eliminate static and provides great quality FM Sound. (Note: Some vehicles require an additional AM/FM Antenna Adapter