Sirius XM Channel and Subscription Guide

You have a brand new satellite radio. Congrats! Maybe you received a gift of a dock and play radio, or maybe you got a new car with satellite radio installed. Now that you have access to the best radio on radio, you'll need a subscription. Here, we've outlined the differences between the services and how to go about subscribing for your radio.

Sirius, XM, or SiriusXM?

There is some confusion over the difference  between Sirius and XM and understandably so. When the companies merged there were still radios available specifically for Sirius subscriptions, XM subscriptions, and more recently SiriusXM subscriptions. Luckily it's very easy to find out which type of radio you have. Here are the ways:

1. Find Out What Kind of Radio You Have


If your radio has one of these logos on it, it's a Sirius Radio.
It will say Sirius, have Mongo the dog, or a combination of the two.
Sirius logos are generally blue or white. 
If your radio has an XM logo on it than, you guessed it, it's an XM Radio.
It will say XM and have the three sound waves.
XM logos are generally yellow or white 
If your radio has a SiriusXM logo, well then, it's a SiriusXM radio of course.
It will says SiriusXM and have the three soundwaves
coming off of it.
SiriusXM logos are light blue or white.
Sirius Logo 1
Sirius Logo 2
XM Logo 1
XM Logo 2
SiriusXM Logo
SiriusXM logo 2

Sometimes your radio won't have a logo. For example, many vehicles with built in satellite radio might not have the logo of which type of satellite tuner is installed in the vehicle. It's also very easy to find out what type of radio you have depending on what the SID number of the radio is.

Sirius radios have an SID of 12 numbers without any letters.
Below are a few examples. 
 XMRadios have an SID or Radio ID of 8 letters & numbers.
Here are a few examples. 
SiriusXM radio SID numbers are similar to
XM Radio ID numbers with a combination
of 8 letters and numbers. 










2. Choosing Your Subscription

After you've figured out what kind of radio you have, you need to decide what kind of subscription you want. As of this writing, there are several types of subscriptions sure to match exactly what you are looking to get out of your SiriusXM experience. Keep in mind that not all radios are compatible with all types of subscriptions. As the technology has changed, radios have grown to offer more features. We have outlined the subscriptions options here. Please double check with SiriusXM concerning full subscription details as information is subject to change.

SiriusXM All Access Subscription

 It can be easy to balk at the price of the premier plan but broken down, it's hard to argue with the deal.
For access to every channel SiriusXM offers on your satellite radio, on the internet, and your smartphone
you are paying only $16.58 a month, or $.54 a day.
That's less than so many alternative entertainment  options, we agree this truly is the best deal.

SiriusXM Premier Channel Lineup

 SiriusXM Premier

 SiriusXM premier is similar to the All Access Subscription but at a monthly rate and without internet listening included.

SiriusXM Premier Channel Lineup

 SiriusXM Select
The biggest differences between Select and Premier  are the lack of several premium content stations. 
For example, with Select you will not have access to NFL games, Nascar, The Playboy Channel, or Howard Stern
 SiriusXM Internet Radio
 If you don't have a satellite radio or a vehicle with satellite radio installed, an internet radio subscription is the best way to go.
You get access to all of the SiriusXM internet radio stations through your computer, smartphone, or any SiriusXM enabled internet radio such as the TTR1 Internet Radio

SiriusXM Sports, News, & Talk 

 Sports, News, & Talk is literally just that. If you aren't interested in much music or any of the premium channels,
but want the convenience of coast to coast, uninterrupted sports, news, and talk, this is the subscription for you.
 SiriusXM Mostly Music
 Similar to the Sports, News, & Talk subscription but focused on the music.
 SiriusXM Family Friendly
Starting at 13.49/month 
If you have little ones or don't have any desire to have access to some of the more adult themed stations on offer,
the Family Friendly plans might be for you. 
 SiriusXM A La Carte
Starting at $7.99/month 

You have very specific  tastes. You know what you want, and you don't want any of the other junk you don't want. This subscription offers a base of programming and then let's you pick and choose which stations you want. 
If  you plan on subscribing to Howard Stern or any of the other premium stations we strongly recommend considering choosing SiriusXM Premier.
For the amount extra you will pay for access to any premium content, the savings are negligible.

*Requires an a la carte capable radio 

3. Contacting Sirius To Subscribe

This might be the easiest part. You can either call SiriusXM at 1-866-528-7474 or subscribe online at
Our recommendation would be to subscribe online. The benefit to this is that the subscriptions are fully laid out for you including which stations are included  with which subscription. Another benefit is that the internet is open 24/7 which means you don't have to wait for the call center to open before you activate and begin enjoying your radio.

4. Enjoy Your Radio

Ok. This is probably the easiest part since all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Unless you're driving.

Please pay attention to the road.