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Discontinued Satellite Radios

Sirius is known for discontinuing radios to make room for better radios with smarter technology. This is a list of radios that were popular on the Sirius platform but are no longer being produced.  Clicking on the radios will take you to a page with information on replacement parts.

If you are looking for parts in general and you don't see your radio on this list, try using our Parts Finder.

Sirius Sportster Radios

Sirius Sportster 5

Sportster 3

Sportster 4

Original Sportster SP-R1

Sportster Replay SP-R2

Sirius Sportster 5 w/ PowerConnect SDSP5V1

Sirius Sportster 3 / Sirius Sportster 4

Sirius Original Sportster SP-R1/Sirius Sportster Replay SP-R2

Sirius Stratus Radios

Sirius Startmate 5

Sirius Starmate 3

Sirius Starmate 4

Sirius Starmate Replay

Sirius Starmate 5 ST5

Sirius Starmate 3 ST3/ Sirius Starmate 4 ST4

Sirius Starmate Replay ST2

Sirius Original Starmate ST1

Sirius Original Starmate ST1

Sirius Stratus Radios

Sirius Stratus

Sirius Stratus 4

Sirius Stratus 5

Sirius Stratus 6

Sirius Stratus

Sirius Stratus 4 / Sirius Stratus5

Sirius Stratus 6

Sirius Stiletto Radios

Stiletto 2

Stiletto 10/100

Stiletto 2

Sirius s50