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One of our competitors has over 7000 locations.

 Our entire business runs from a Chicago warehouse.  We may be smaller, but we're confident TSS-Radio offers better customer service and a greater variety of products than anyone else. Despite our differences, all retailers share a common issue - what to do with overstocked products as well as items in less-than-new condition. They have bargain bins, we have our annual TSS-Radio Garage Sale.

Power Adapters Deals

Popular power adapters for your SiriusXM Radios.
Pick one up as a replacement or as some insurance in case one breaks on the road.


Antennas for your vehicles and homes. The new XM Home Antenna with 1-foot cable is perfect as a spare anntenna for your boombox.


Docks & Replacement Parts


Replace defective docks or stock up on docks for your newer model Sirius XM Radios.




Radio Selection 1

Sirius Universal
Suction Cup Mount -

The Sirius Universal Suction Cup mount is by far one of the most versitile mounts. It can be used to mount your satellite radio or any other device with an AMPS mounting pattern.




Upgrade your radio with a cutting edge Lynx or add a new radio to your existing subscription.

  • Use the Lynx to record your favorite shows and get access to all of the extra channels
  • Listen to both XM Radio and your favorite music with the XMp3 portable satellite radio
  • Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into an XM Satellite radio while charging your device. with the Refurbished XM SkyDock


Standalone Radios

Standalone Radios give you an easy way to update your existing radio. Save money by purchasing the radio without the car kit.



Play your favorite SiriusXM stations on the go with these boomboxes that can be plugged into the wall or powered by batteries.