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The XM SkyFi and SkyFi 2 are dock & play radios on the XM platform.

XM SkyFi (SA10000) and SkyFi 2 (SA10101)
Works with the XM Platform 


Produced between 2003-2004 (Discontinued)

SkyFi 1 SkyFi2
SkyFi (SA10000)
Released 2003
SkyFi 2 (SA10101)
Released 2004

The SkyFi is one of the early dock & play radios on the XM platform. The original SkyFi and the SkyFi 2 share the same accessories.

The SkyFi radios have built-in FM wireless modulator. These radios, much like any modern radio, have weak FM transmitters.

The main difference between the SkyFi 1 and the SkyFi 2 is that the SkyFi 2 can pause and rewind live XM programming for up to 30 minutes. The SkyFi 1 does not offer pause and rewind options.

Please note that there is also a SkyFi 3, but the SkyFi 3 will not work with any of the SkyFi and SkyFi 2's accessories.

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Car Mounting Options

SkyFi Car Docks follow the AMPS pattern and are compatible with Sirius mounting options.