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Fixing SIRIUS XM Static Problems

Strong FM Transmitter


Sirius ONESIRIUS One Satellite Radio w/ Strong FM

Strong FM Transmission gave you the ability to send and FM signal to any FM radio within a radius of no less than yards. All that's needed is an antenna and power cord and then matching the FM frequency on your satellite radio to your FM Radio. No audio cables; No FM Direct Adapters. It's a really easy solution and we wish it were still an option radios still shipped with but, sadly, it isn't.

We do have a few SIRIUS One radios with strong FM transmission.
Click here for more information and to purchase.

Whole House FM Transmitter

Whole House FM TransmitterWhole House FM Transmitte

The Whole House FM Transmitter is the next best thing to having a satellite radio with a strong FM transmitter. With FM transmission capabilities of 150 feet and a frequency range of 88.1 - 107.9 moving in .1 Mhz steps, this is a really easy solution for sending an FM signal to any FM radio. The added benefit of the Whole House FM Transmitter is that you can connect it to any audio source and send that audio to any FM Radio.

For more information or to purchase the Whole House FM Transmitter, click here.

FM Direct Adapter


FM Direct Adapter

FM Direct Adapter

The FM Direct Adapter is an option for connecting your satellite radio directly to your vehicles FM Antenna. By hardwiring your satellite radio to your vehicles FM antenna input, you are overriding any competing FM signals from radio stations in your area. This was a solution for many satellite radios after the discontinuation of strong FM radios and before PowerConnect, though it is still an option with PowerConnect radios.

While this solution is compatible with 95% of the cars out there, you might need an additional set of adapter cables for your car.
You can find that information here.

Click here for the FM Direct Adapter. 


PowerConnect Power Adapter/Cradle

Sirius PowerConnect Car KitPowerConnect Vehicle Kit


PowerConnect is the name of a technology that sends an FM Signal through the Cigarette Lighter Power adapter. You can imagine this as turning your entire vehicle into the FM antenna for your satellite radio which in turn makes it easy for your vehicle's FM radio to pick up the signal. There are two important considerations when using PowerConnect:
  • The dock and the power adapter must be PowerConnect accessories.
  • It only works when using the PowerConnect Cigarette Lighter power adapter to power your radio.
The easiest way to see if your radio supports PowerConnect is to check its dock and Power Adapter. If there is a red ring around the 'PWR' port and a red ring on the tip of the power adapter that plugs into the dock then it is capable of PowerConnect. Below is an example.
As always, it's VERY IMPORTANT to check compatibility between your radio and a PowerConnect dock.

FM Wire Antenna

  FM Wire AntennaFM Wire Antenna

The FM Wire works on any dock with an FM out.

The other options on this page will usually offer much better sound quality, though it has been reported to work well in some situations.

Click here for the FM Wire Antenna.