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TSS-Radio Holiday Shopping Guide

The holidays are fast approaching and we have a ton of cool products for new and veteran SiriusXM listeners. This holiday season, give your loved one the gift of music! As always, if you have any questions or need more information, give us a call (312-846-6606) or send an email to

SiriusXM Radios

Stratus 7 (Sirius)

The most recent Sirius radio is a straightforward, but effective one. With an easy-to-read screen and intuitive interface, the Stratus 7 is the ideal Sirius radio for someone who likes to keep it simple.

Shop: Stratus 7 w/ Car Kit | Stratus 7 Replacement Radio | Vehicle Kit | Home Kit | Speaker Dock

Starmate 8 (Sirius)

The Starmate 8 is for someone who would prefer a fancier screen with customizable background colors. More importantly, the radio has the abillity to pause and reward for up to 30 minutes.

Shop: Starmate 8 w/ Car Kit | Starmate 8 Replacement Radio | Vehicle Kit | Home Kit | Speaker Dock

Regular Price: $139.99

Special Price $119.99

Onyx Plus (XM)

The Onyx Plus is the most powerful Dock & Play XM radio. The Plus features a screen with full color display and album art. The radio also allows for pause and rewind for up to 30 minutes.

Shop: Onyx Plus w/ Car Kit | Onyx Plus w/ Home Kit | Onyx Plus Replacement Radio | Vehicle Kit | Home Kit | Speaker Dock

Onyx EZ (XM)

Choose the Onyx EZ for an affordable, straightforward radio. If you don't need the extra features and want to save some money, this is the XM dock & play radio to buy.

Shop: Onyx EZ w/ Car Kit | Onyx EZ w/ Home Kit | Onyx EZ Replacement Radio | Vehicle Kit | Home Kit | Speaker Dock

Regular Price: $69.99

Special Price $59.99

Speaker Dock

SiriusXM SXSD2 Boombox

This speaker dock will make an amazing gift for anyone with a newer Sirius or XM Dock & Play radio (Compatible with Starmate 3-8, Sportster 5, Stratus 3-7, Onyx, OnyxEZ, Onyx Plus).Take it wherever you go! You can power it through a traditional AC power adapter or with 8 D-cell batteries.

Shop: SXSD2 Speaker Dock | Refurbished SXSD2

Regular Price: $139.99

Special Price $129.99

Bluetooth Accessories

Miccus Portable Bluetooth Transmitter Mini-Jack TX

Outside of the very expensive and hard to find SiriusXM Lynx, there are no Sirius or XM radios with built-in Bluetooth technology. However, with the Miccus Bluetooth Transmitter accessory, you can give your satellite radio Bluetooth capability.

Shop: Miccus Mini-Jack TX

ANKR Bluetooth Tracker

This is not a radio accessory, but we just like this product so much that we decided to carry it. If you're prone to misplacing your wallet or your keys, you can attach this Bluetooth Tracker and track it through the ANKR app on your Smartphone.

Shop: ANKR Bluetooth Tracker

 iSound iGlowsound Waves Portable Bluetooth Speaker iSound-5423

Bluetooth Speakers are a great way to have portable speakers without lugging around a boombox. The iGlowSound allows you to use your radio via Bluetooth or with basic AUX cables.

More: 808 Canz Portable Speaker | iLive Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Regular Price: $69.99

Special Price $59.99