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Sirius Antennas and XM Antennas

A lot of people have trouble finding a replacement Satellite Radio Antenna. And for the most part it's a lot easier than you think.

The first question is where would you be using this antenna? In a Car, Truck, Home, Office, or Boat? Depending on where you need it we have the antenna for you.

 Sirius XM Car Antenna Dot Micro Antenna

Car Antennas

Whether for Sirius or XM, the Satellite Radio Antennas made for aftermarket radios use the same SMB Connector. In other words the connector that plugs into the radios are very universal. So while your Sirius Radio may have come with a square like antenna when you purchased it, you could use this Round Dot Micro Antenna as a replacement. Or vice versa. Don't get caught up in insisting the look and style of the car antenna has to be the same. There was a time early on in Satellite Radio where the various car antennas varied in performance or durability but it's been many years since this hase been the case.

So here are our recommendations for you if you are looking for a replacement car antenna.

Sirius Dot Micro Car Antenna

XM Car Antenna

 Sirius XM Home Antennas

Home/Office Antennas

When you are looking for a Home Antenna there are a few more things you need to consider. Mostly how long of an antenna cable you need and whether you plan on mounting this antenna outside or not. But for the most part the majority of people are in need of the Home antenna that came included when they purchased their home kit or boombox. And we have those below.

Sirius Home Antenna

XM Home Antenna

For those requiring additional lengths of cable we offer an extension cable that works with both Sirius and XM that will extend the cable an additional 50 feet here. It works just like an extension cord would work for a vacuum cleaner. One end is male and the other end it female and it simply extends the cabe 50 more feet.

For those that are in situations requiring stronger home antennas or ones that need mounting outside we offer those as well. Our most popular one is the SiriusXM Outdoor Home Antenna. It requires purchase of RG-6 Cable sold separately. We offer it on the website here, or it's something that it pretty common to find, even at your local Drug Store or Grocery Store since it also works with cable or satellite tv wiring. The SiriusXM Outdoor Antenna will have a higher gain which provides better reception than the standard home antennas listed above. 

If you are in a very remote portion of North America far from good Satellite Coverage you may have better luck with the Pixel Home Antennas we sell. These have by far the strongest reception and gain. They are often used with custom installers. We've also heard cases where Cargo Ships use these antennas on their voyages across the Pacific and Atlantic and they can keep a signal halfway to the next Continent. So they are very strong and durable.

Pro-600 Home Antenna

Pro-500 Home Antenna

 Sirius XM Truck Antennas

Satellite Radio Truck Antennas

We found early on that many Truckers were using the car antennas for their trucks. In fact they make a mounting bracket for that. We don't offer that bracket because it's a great way for Truckers to blow through many car antennas time and again. Not only is the signal often not strong enough, but the antennna isn't sturdy and ends up breaking or the wire in it kinks and breaks as well. So that's the main reason the durable Satellite Radio Truck Antennas were made. They are stronger and use thicker cabling although we still suggest not smashing the truck door on the cable. We offer 3 Satellite Radio Truck Antennas and also a replacement Truck Antenna Cable.

The Browning is the top of the line SiriusXM Truck Antenna

The Tram 2335 and Tram 2311 aren't far behind though. All of these will mount on the mirror mount.

 Sirius XM Boat Antennas

Satellite Radio Antennas for Boats

Whether it's a sailboat, motorboat, fishing boat or otherwise we have a Sirius Marine Antenna and an XM Marine Antenna