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Satellite Radio Boomboxes

Over the past decade or so there have been many SIRIUS and XM Boomboxes that have been produced. But at this time there is onlyone that currently is being produced, which is the SXABB2 Portable Sound System. This unit works with many of the newer SIRIUS and XM Radios, but please double check compatibility prior to ordering.

Replacement Power Adapter for the SXABB2

Replacement Antenna for the SXABB2

Replacement Remote for the SXABB1/SXABB2

SiriusXM Boombox

Find replacement AC Adapters
for many of the old Boomboxes.

Boombox AC Adapter
Click here for
SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapters.
 Click here for
XM Boombox AC Adapters.

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter
(incompatible with SXABB1/2)

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Click here to purchase 
the Boombox Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter.

Find replacement antennas compatible
 with most Sirius XM Boomboxes.

Sirius XM Home Antennas
Click here for the
SIRIUS Home PNP Antenna.
Click here for the
XM Home PNP Antenna

Discontinued Boomboxes

Many of the older SIRIUS and XM Boomboxes have been discontinued and are very hard to find, even used.


The following is a list of SIRIUS Boomboxes and sound systems that are no longer available

Sirius Sportster Boombox SP-B1

 Sirius Sportster Boombox SP-B1 Sirius SUBX1 Universal Boombox

Sirius SUBX1
Sirius SUBX2 Universal Boombox

Sirius SUBX2
SIRIUS Soloist System

SIRIUS Soloist
Sirius SLBB1 Stiletto Boombox

SIRIUS SLBB1 Stiletto Boombox
Sirius SLBB2 Stiletto Boombox

SIRIUS SLBB2 Stiletto Boombox
Sirius SLEX1 Stiletto Executive Player

 SIRIUS SLEX1 Stiletto Executive Player Sirius SLEX2 Stiletto Executive Player

 SIRIUS SLEX2 Stiletto Executive Boombox

SIRIUS Starmate Replay Boombox

SIRIUS Starmate Replay Boombox Sirius XACT XS075 Boombox

Sirius XACT XS025 Boombox

 SIRIUS XACT XS025 Boombox  Sirius XACT XS097 Boombox

 SIRIUS XACT XS097 Boombox
Sirius XACT XS024 Boombox

SIRIUS Xact XS024 Boombox

The following is a list XM Boomboxes and sound systems that are no longer available

XM XMAS100 Compact Sound System
(We have a limited supply)

XM XMAS100 Compact Sound System XM XMBB1 XM Boombox

XM XMBB1 XM Boombox