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The SiriusXM Lynx is a Portable Satellite Radio on the XM Platform.

SiriusXM Lynx (SXI1)
Works with the XM Platform

Produced: 2011-2012 (Discontinued)

SiriusXM Lynx
SiriusXM Lynx (SXI1)
Released 2011

The SiriusXM Lynx is the most feature-rich satellite radio on the market. This SiriusXM Lynx radio has both WiFi and Bluetooth capability.

The Lynx is Android-based with a beautiful screen and a clean, touchscreen display.

Unlike other portable radios, the Lynx does not have a built-in antenna.

Since the Lynx is discontinued, the radio is difficult to find.

FM Transmitter:

The Lynx does not have a strong built-in transmitter, but can be paired with a PowerConnect Lynx vehicle dock for better FM transmitting usage.

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