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Snowcat View 1

Justin is a Sirius fanatic. He spends much of his 65 hour work week 12,000 feet up or more grooming the ski trails in the South Cascade Mountains of Washington state. He has a Stiletto 2 and car kit rigged up in the Snowcat he operates. For the most part the reception on the mountain is good so long as the trees aren't in the way too much or the Snowcat isn't on too steep of an angle.

Snowcat VistaStiletto in Snowcat

Justin got Sirius originally when Howard Stern came over. Since then he's spent countless hours listening to Howard, Bubba, and Nascar. Listening to those shows is also where Justin found out about TSS-Radio and began purchasing his parts/kits from us.

Night DashboardSnowcattin' Around

When he's not combing the trails on the mountains he's listening at home at his shop which is an hour or so away from the ski hill. There is no question without Satellite Radio in his snowcat Justin would be missing out on some serious radio entertainment.

Beautiful Sunset