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Sirius Sportster 5 and Accessories

Sirius Sportster 5 & 6 Radios
Image Works With Sirius Radios


Produced: Discontinued

SIRIUS Sportster 5 Standalone Receiver Image    
Sportster 5 (US) & 6 (Canada)
Released 2009
Instruction Manual


The Sportster 5 is one of the most feature-rich radios on the Sirius platform (the other is the Starmate 5). No other Sirius radio is comparable to the Sportster 5's ability to pause and rewind up to 44 minutes. In addition, the Sportster 5 can store up to 30 presets and allows for customizable color schemes and a personalized sports ticker.

The Sportster 5 is in limited supply.

Unique Features:

  • Pause and rewind up to 44 minutes
  • Compatible with both Sirius "Universal" 5 Volt Docks and PowerConnect Docks
  • Multi-color display

5 Volt Power Adapters:

All Sportster radios run on 5 volt power adapters. Please note that Sportster 5 can fit on both "Universal"(Non-PowerConnect) as well as PowerConnect docks.

Weak pin connection:

The Sportster 5 radios are prone to having pin connection issues, but we offer radio repairs. If you are frequently on the road or tend to move your radio in and out of docks often, we do not recommend the Sportster 5. We suggest either the Stratus 7 or the Starmate 8.

FM Transmitter

These radios, much like any modern radio, have weak FM transmitters.

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