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The Original Sportster and Sportster Replay are dock & play radios on the Sirius platform.

Sirius Sportster (SP-R1), Sportster Replay (SP-R2)
& Streamer Replay (ST-R1)

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Produced: 2004-2006 (Discontinued)

Sportster SP-R1 Sportster Replay SP-R2  Streamer Replay
Sportster (SP-R1)
Released 2004
Instruction Manual
 Sportster Replay (SP-R2)
Released 2005
Instruction Manual
 Streamer Replay (ST-R1)
Released 2005
Instruction Manual

The Sportster, Sportster Replay and Streamer Replay are a family of radios sharing the same accessories. 

The most of popular of the three, the Sportster Replay, improved on the original Sportster by boasting a pause/rewind feature (up to 44 minutes of programming). The Streamer Replay is pretty much the same as the Sportster Replay.

Unique Features:

  • The original Sportster allows the user to choose a favorite NFL team and have the team's logo appear when the radio powers.
  • A knob to change channels is unique to Sportster radios. Stratus and Starmate radios have buttons, no knobs. 
  • Original Sportsters featured an amber screen. Some had a green screen.

12 Volt Power Adapters:

The Original Sportster and Sportster Replay radios run on 12 volt power adapters. Newer radios run on 5 volt. Be sure to choose the 12 volt power adapters for these Sportster radios.

Common issues to be aware of with these radios:

  • Pin connection (the pins on the bottom of the radio can get loose or bent if radio is moved around too much) 
  • Screen issues (ex. backlight)

We offer radio repairs.

FM Transmitter

Most of these radios had stronger FM Transmitters, but radios later in production had their FM transmitter strength reduced due to FCC regulations. Many of the weakened ones have a small green or blue sticker on the back of the package or radio. The majority of these radios have weakened FM transmitters.

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