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Every month we'd like to spotlight one customer with a unique experience. Perhaps they use Satellite Radio in a non traditional way or place. Perhaps they go out of their way to show their appreciation to TSS-Radio. Maybe they use their Slingbox to watch TV some place they never would have expected.

In our first month we are highlighting Hilu who lives 45 hours NORTH of Chicago. But it's not a place you can't get to by car. Only 3 ways to get to her town of Baker Lake, Nunavut Canada and thats via Dogsled, Plane or Snowmobile. Baker Lake is a town that is as far north of where TSS-Radio is in Chicago as Colombia is south. That being said it's quite cold there. So cold in fact no trees grow in the area, it's part the tree line. Some of those have Satellite Radio in the town though. And they've had it longer than they've had cell service. Here is the story of Hilu and how she found TSS-Radio.

Hilu From An Igloo :)


I'm an Inuit living in the only inland community in Canada's Arctic - Baker Lake. It's closest to the geographic centre of Canada and is home to 1800 people. Most of us have lived off the caribou for generations but like everywhere else the times they are-a-changing and a lot of our people are now employed, many to a newly opened gold mine. We have two historic rivers, the Kazan and the Thelon that flow into our freshwater lake. Our community is also known for it's artists, some world renowned, such as Simon Tookoome and the late Jessie Oonark.

I'm a career counselor and help people in all aspects of career planning whether it be going away for more education or job hunting. On my own time, you can find me sewing, traveling, spending time with friends/family and all the while listening to music ;)

My first experience with Sirius Satellite Radio was when I was riding on the truck of one of my friends a few years ago. I'm telling you before Sirius Satellite Radio in Baker Lake all there was on radio were two channels - local radio for announcements and National CBC radio. Neither known for their music!! If we wanted to hear new music, you watched videos on t.v. I couldn't believe the selection - in the same minute you can find Snoop Dogg, Judas Priest, Jimi Hendrix, Foo Fighters, Toni Braxton, and the Beach Boys! I had to have it! Now I can keep up with the latest and reminisce with the oldies.

One day I lost the plug for my boombox and I went online to find a place to order a replacement. Of my google hits, TSS-Radio seemed to be the most promising. Sure enough, the site was awesome. I didn't realize how many products Sirius Radio had! I was easily able to place an order online and they shipped to Canada.

I don't own a truck (we use all-terrain vehicles in town) so I didn't need those products but I ordered the sturdier antenna for my home and have that set-up to my boombox. Although we have snow and ice 9-10 months out of the year and blizzards that can last 1-2 weeks, I get an awesome connection ALL THE TIME. It allows me to listen to my favorite channels including Sirius Hits One, the Eighties and Nineties channels, BPM, the Pulse, Classic Rewind and when the mood calls for some warmth Loooooove ♥

When I host friends, my Sirius radio is always a hit. It takes awhile but we can usually agree on a channel to listen to :)

Rubbing noses.