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The Sirius Stiletto 2 is a portable satellite radio on the Sirius platform.

Sirius Stiletto 2
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Produced:  2007-2010 (Discontinued)

The Sirius Stiletto 2 Portable Sirius Receiver is a discontinued radio that remains a listener favorite for its ability to receive live Sirius reception. This Linux-based radio records up to 100 hours of content and features a microSD slot located behind the battery for additional storage (MP3/WMA files and playlists).

Home docks, car docks and antenna headsets for the Stiletto 2 are very difficult to obtain. Other accessories such as power adapters and antennas are readily available.

This is a 5 volt-based radio and be sure to choose the 5 volt power adapters for this radio. The car power adapter is the T5VCLA.

Similarly to the majority of satellite radios, the Stiletto 2 does not have a strong fm transmitter.


If you are having issues with your Stiletto 2, we offer radio repairs.

Sirius no longer supports the software to perform a device recovery. However, we can perform it for you.

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