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SiriusXM Satellite Radio Accessories for Truck Drivers

When you're always on the road, satellite radio is a must. Nothing beats live radio and music all at the touch of a button. Whether you are a trucker or shopping for a truck driver, here are accessories that will greatly enhance your satellite radio listening experience.

Truck Antennas

Having a truck antenna mounted in a position in a line of sight of the sky should improve your signal connection. Additionally, these heavy duty antennas are more weather-resistant than the basic car antennas.

Tip: If you are experiencing issues with your truck antenna, try replacing the cable before purchasing a brand new truck antenna.


This "mushroom head" antenna is our most popular truck antenna.
Compatible with all Sirius & XM radios.

SiriusXM 10 Inch Truck Antenna Tram 7754

Similar to the BR-Trucker, but without the mushroom head.
Compatible with all Sirius & XM radios.

Tram 7732 Low Profile Truck Antenna

A low profile truck antenna.
NOT Compatible with the Tram 2300 Replacement Cable.

Tram 2300 Replacement Cable

This "mushroom head" antenna is our most popular truck antenna.
It is compatible with all Sirius & XM radios.


The unfortunate reality of being on the road all the time (bumpy terrains, constant movement) is that you are more likely to encounter issues with radios and accessories. The great thing is that SiriusXM accessories are affordable and an easily be replaced. If you narrow it down to the radio being defective, we might also be able to repair it.

Tip: Avoid the Sportster 5 if you're often on the road. The Sportster 5 are prone to having pin connection issues. The Starmate 8, Stratus 7 and Onyx radios tend to be more reliable.

Stock up

We recommend buying extra antennas, docks and power adapters. Keeping around spare accessories allows you to troubleshoot as well as quickly resuming your SiriusXM listening without having to order and wait for the item(s) to arrive. Visit our SiriusXM Accessories Finder to ensure compatibility.