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What is SiriusXM PowerConnect?

powerconnectdemoThe two types of 5 Volt Car Power Adapters are “PowerConnect” and Non-PowerConnect.

So, what exactly is the difference?

For starters, the plugs are different sizes and it’s important to buy the correct power adapter compatible with your dock.

“PowerConnect” is SiriusXM’s patented method of connecting your plug and play radio to your car stereo’s FM radio. With PowerConnect audio connection technology, the FM signal is sent directly to your car stereo instead of through the air.

Because PowerConnect works by connecting through the car’s power adapter socket (also known as the cigarette lighter jack), this method isn’t as ideal as using an Aux Cable or an FM Direct Adapter. However, it is a simple way to connect and you won’t have to take apart the dash to install an FM Direct Adapter.

PowerConnect Power Adapters must always match up to PowerConnect Docks/Cradles (SDPIV/XDPIV1/XDPIV2). The PowerConnect radios and power adapters are 5 volts and many customers confuse them with Non-PowerConnect 5 Volt power adapters.

While we accept returns within 30 days, our policy is that customers are responsible for all shipping costs if they buy an incompatible power adapter or dock. That’s why we highly recommend double-checking before placing your order. We have a parts finder that will confirm compatibility, and you can always email us.

How to determine if you need a PowerConnect Car Power Adapter?
It is very easy to determine if you need a PowerConnect Power Adapter. If your Vehicle Dock has color coded inputs it means that you need a PowerConnect 5 Volt Car Power Adapter. If your Vehicle Dock doesn’t have that then you need a different power adapter.

How do I know if the 5 volt car power adapter is PowerConnect or not?
The OEM PowerConnect Power Adapter has a red tip.

We currently have 2 versions of PowerConnect Car Adapters. One is the OEM version here. The other has a thicker cabled coiled cord that only provides the power and NOT the audio portion. This version is less expensive but it’s great if you have the audio covered with an Aux connection or FM Direct Adapter.

PowerConnect Power Adapters:

Non-PowerConnect Power Adapters:

USB Solutions:

USB outputs are required. We carry a Powered Mount with USB Ports.