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XM Direct for Home

XM Direct for Home (XM Ready)

Works with the XM Platform

"XM Direct" makes it easy to integrate satellite radio to your "XM-Ready' Home audio system or A/V receiver. All you have to do is connect an XM Direct Home Tuner and an antenna to your home stereo. There are two options: 1) XM Direct Home Tuner (XHD2H1) or 2) XM Mini-Tuner (CNP2000) docked in a Home Dock (CNP2000H). Both options will require a home antenna.

If your home stereo is not "XM-Ready", you can always use a dock & play radio with a home kit, such as the Onyx Plus with Home Kit.

If your stereo is "XM-Ready", you will see an "XM-Ready" logo on the back of your stereo. You can always refer to the stereo's manual.

XM Ready Tuner (2 Options)

XM Direct Home Tuner (XHD2H1)

XM Mini-Tuner with Home Dock

Home Antennas