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The XM Onyx is a Dock & Play Satellite Radio on the XM Platform.

XM Onyx, Onyx EZ & Onyx Plus
Works with the XM Platform

Produced: 2011 - Current

XM Onyx Onyx  Onyx Plus
Onyx EZ
Released 2013
Instruction Manual
Released 2011
Instruction Manual

Onyx Plus
Released 2013
Instruction Manual

The Onyx series are the most current XM radios on the market. We recommend this line of radio for its general durability and for ease of finding accessories and replacement parts.

The Onyx Plus is the most advanced of the three. The Onyx Plus boasts the Pause/Rewind (30 minutes) feature and Album Art display. Additionally, the Onyx Plus allows you to store 20 favorite channels and receives SirusXM "Xtra" "Channels.

Meanwhile, the Onyx and Onyx EZ does not have pause/rewind and can only store 10 presets. The Onyx has a screen with multiple colors, while the Onyx EZ is a single-color blue screen.

FM Transmitter

These radios, much like any modern radio, have weak FM transmitters.

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Home and Car Antennas

Home and Car Power Adapters


USB Cable for the Onyx Car Dock

This charger fits the Car Dock only, but you can use the Car Dock anywhere as long as you're connecting to a USB jack.


Speakers and Boomboxes


For Onyx and Onyx EZ radios
in a car or home dock

For Onyx Plus radios
in a car or home dock

For use in SXSD2
Speaker Dock

For use in SXABB1 or
SXABB22 Speaker Docks

Car Mounting Options