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The XM Xpress is a series of Dock & Play Satellite Radios on the XM Platform.

Xpress, XpressR, XpressEZ, XpressRC, XpressRCi
Works with the XM Platform

Produced: 2006 - 2009 (Discontinued)

Xpress XpressR Xpress EZ XpressRC

Released 2006
Instruction Manual
Released 2007
Instruction Manual

Released 2007
Instruction Manual
Released 2007
Instruction Manual
Released 2009
Instruction Manual

The Xpress line of radios by Audiovox were produced from 2006-2009.

Major Differences:

In terms of basic radios, it doesn't get any simpler than the XpressEZ. If you want a radio under $10 with minimal features, this is it.

XpressRC and XpressRCi can pause/rewind up to 60 minutes.

5 Volt

All Xpress radios run on 5 volt power adapters. Please note that the not all Xpress radios is compatible with the PowerConnect format for cars. What Is PowerConnect?

The XpressEZ and Xpress radios will NOT work in PowerConnect car docks.

The XpressR, XpressRC and XpressRCi will fit in both Non-PowerConnect and PowerConnect car docks.

All Xpress radios will work on the Xpress Home Dock.

FM Transmitter

These radios, much like any modern radio, have weak FM transmitters.

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Xpress Home Dock and Power Adapter

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