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The XMp3/XMp3i is a Portable Satellite Radio on the XM Platform.

XMp3/XMp3i (GEX-XMP3)
Works with the XM Platform


Produced in 2004 (Discontinued)

Released 2004
Pioneer Manual

The Xmp3i
was one of the few XM portable radios released and is now very hard to find. It has a built-in antenna, allowing listeners to to use the radio on the go. The XMP3 has the ability to record up to 5 channels at once and with a memory card could record up to 100 hours.

Pioneer originally produced the XMP3 before Audiovox stepped in with the XMP3i. The XMp3 and XMp3i share all the same accessories. The Pioneer model is GEX-XMP3i, while the Audiovox model is XMP3/XMP3i.

The XMP3 is a 5 volt radio and the home power adapter is the same as other 5 volt Sirius and XM power adapters.

FM Transmitter:

The XMP3 does not have a strong built-in transmitter, but can be paired with a PowerConnect vehicle dock (very hard to find) for better FM transmitting usage. Read More on
"PowerConnect" docks and power adapters.


We offer repairs if your XMP3i screen is cracked or the dial doesn't work. If you are receiving a "No Antenna" message, that is likely repairable. The radio cannot be repaired if it can't power up, or is stuck on "Please Wait". For complete repair information, click here.

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