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Power Adapters, Mounts and Other Accessories - Garage Sale 2015

Click the link to jump directly to Power Adapters, Mounts, Remote Controls, Car and Home Cradles, Aux Cables or Motorcycle Kits.

Power Adapters


Whether you have a Sirius or XM branded radio from the late 2000s or one of the newest models, our inventory has power adapters for you at great savings. This is the time of year to buy a spare power adapter for your home or car, or even a backup dock.

Mounts and other accessories including remotes, car and home cradles, auxiliary input (aux) cables, and our popular Motorcycle Kits. This year we have four flavors of motorcycle kits, including two with radios, one with all the bells and whistles and one simple power hardwire kit plus short antenna. Depending on what you already have, you can have SiriusXM on your bike for an array of low prices.

We'll be listing more specials in Power Adapters today - for now, check the options in the menu to choose car or home adapters. We have many discounts available!

Looking for a particular power adapter? Try our power adapter search at this link

Other adapters (including many discounted!): 

  1. Home Power Adapters
  2. Car Power Adapters
  3. XM Boombox Power Adapters
  4. Sirius Boombox Power Adapters


We've slashed the prices on our most popular mounts, buy one, buy more - get yourself a spare. These are the same top quality mounts sold elsewhere for far more. 

Our special custom dual USB PowerConnect mount solution is an exceptional product and one of the designs created for you, our customers, to make the most out of your listening-while-mobile experience. 

Check out our wide range of mounts by accessing our menu and start with these two:

Sirius Adhesive Mount $1.99

Dual USB Cigarette Lighter Mount $3.99

Remote Controls


We keep great prices on these replacements, so for this event we've highlighted our Sirius Sportster Remotes, discounted more than 40% -- but be sure to check out our entire collections of remotes at the search and category links below. 

Click on Remote Controls to see our full selection of remotes, many discounted heavily.

Our Sirius Sportster Remotes are just $7.99, down from $14.99.

Car and Home Cradles


In order to get the most use out of your radio, why not get a second cradle? You can move your SiriusXM radio from the car to your home or from your office to your home with no more than a cradle and antenna. In fact, you might want to have satellite radio in multiple locations of your home (upstairs and downstairs?), and buying one of our heavily discounted cradles is a perfect solution for that!

Need a replacement car or home cradle? Click here to find one!

Aux Cables


The Aux ports (both input and output) might not be used by everyone, but if you love the crisp sound of your radio on a big home stereo, or the sharp response of one of our boomboxes when connected to your iPod or other MP3 player, aux cables are a necessity. Save money by adding one or more to your order today.

Grab a handy Auxiliary Cable for Sirius, XM, iPod, iPhone, Android and Other Audio Devices by clicking this link - just $1.99!

Find cables here and remember our TSS Requested Parts form here

Motorcycle Kits


 1. Customizable Motorcycle Bundle - choose any configuration of the options presented to build the perfect match for your needs. We have everything discounted and right now we have rain covers in stock for the docks! 

Click here for this kit at just $54.95 (as configured). 

 2. Motorcycle Bundle with Onyx EZ - this includes everything needed to get XM going on your bike. Order today for just $58.49 -- click here.
 3. Motorcycle Bundle with Stratus 7 - this includes everything needed to listen to Sirius on your bike for $58.49. Buy now here
 4. Bundle with Short Antenna and Mount - if you don't need the other components, this is an easy way to get your current dock mounted with an antenna perfect for smaller spaces! Click here to order for just $31.99!