SIRIUS Dot Micro Car Antenna

Part Number: T10A

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SIRIUS Dot Micro Magnetic Car Antenna for SIRIUS Receivers

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    SIRIUS Dot Micro Car Antenna Bare
    SIRIUS Dot Micro Car Antenna With Antenna Tail


The SIRIUS Mobile Antenna Dot Micro is the same High Gain Antenna that is included with most of the current SIRIUS Radio Kits. The Dot Micro's number one advantage over most other SIRIUS vehicle antennas is that it has higher gain, and therefore gets better reception. These Antennas are brand new, and come packed in TSS-Radio sealed bags.


This car antenna works with all single input SIRIUS Car Radios. Single input SIRIUS Satellite Radios have one round antenna jack, vs. some older models which have two square antenna inputs.



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