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Refurbished Products Explained

When considering our quality satellite gear, it is important to know about our refurbished ("refurb") items.

With TSS-Radio, our "refurb" (refurbished)products feature the great quality of brand new products at a substantially lower price. You get the same manufacturer's warranty of 90 days and the confidence that buying from TSS-Radio always provides!

In this event, we are providing fantastic deals on our already fairly priced refurb products!

  • These are all SiriusXM Refurbished and look impeccable
  • 95% of the parts and pieces in these have not been used but have been repackaged
  • Hard to find products are among our quality refurbished offerings
  • Many items offered here are no longer manufactured, making this a perfect way to get the products you love - items which would otherwise only be available used without warranty with varying degrees of seller reliability, such as from auction sites.

In the pictures below, you can see how these items are typically packed:

  • Labeled boxes
  • Sealed parts, such as remotes
  • Protective plastic on gear

Check out the Starmate 5 including parts, packing (neat, just like new) and in the shipping box.