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Replacement (Standalone) Radios - Garage Sale 2015

For this year's Garage Sale event, we're offering these standalone/replacement radios at incredible savings. These units are perfect for installs where your original radio was lost, stolen or damage and you already have the home and/or car dock to connect your radio set back in action! These radios are perfect replacements for your previous radio and available at a bargain price because you don't have to pay (again) for the antenna, dock and other goodies required to make your satellite system work.

We've got exceptional deals going this year, but for a brief period only, so you need to get it ordered now!

Replacement Standalone Radios

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XM Pioneer Airware Standalone
XM Pioneer Airware
Pioneer Airware XM2go Portable Radio is a compact, hand-held receiver that lets you enjoy XM Radio's Ultimate Playlist in the car, at home, or anywhere you go.

Normally $129.99 special price $99.99

Features: Over 150 XM channels; Stores up to five hours; Built-in FM Transmitter; LCD Monitor displays traffic, stock info, sports scores, and more; Built-in XM Antenna
Refurb Stiletto 2 with or without Antenna Headphones

Factory Refurbished from SiriusXM. Comes with a 90 Day Warranty. The Stiletto 2 does *NOT* come with a car kit or a home kit, they must be purchased separately and are not currently in stock. Car Kit, Home Kit.

Refurbished Stiletto 2
Refurbished Stiletto 2

The Stiletto 2 combines SIRIUS radio with your own personal MP3 music library for the ultimate portable audio entertainment experience. Wherever you go. Enjoy live SIRIUS radio via Satellite or via WiFi. With the Stiletto you can also record and listen to stored SIRIUS programming, play your favorite MP3 files, or add micro SD memory for even more personal media storage. You can further enhance your listening experience by adding optional accessories for customized performance in your vehicle, home or office.

Often seen for hundreds online available here in these configurations:
  • Just $149.99 -- refurbished with antenna headphones while supplies last!
  • Just need a replacement unit without the headphone antenna (just including earbuds)? Now bargain-priced at just $119.99
Features: SIRIUS and more on the go; Radio Replays; Schedule recording; WiFi connectivity; One-touch recording; Expandable memory; Bookmark songs; Easy navigation; Advanced audio processing; Personalized Sports Ticker; Parental controls.