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Dock and Play Radios

Plug and Play Radios are the most popular radio option for those who want to get the most out of their satellite radio subscription. In particular radios that use a docking station are easy to move between the car, home and office, all with one subscription. If you need help selecting your radio, please see our buyers guide here. In addition. we have a selection of standalone radios that are primarily used as replacement radios if you don't need the full kit or accessories. Some models are no longer offered for same-model replacement, such as the Stiletto 2. More information about discontinued radios is available at this link.  

We pride ourselves in helping current (and prospective) satellite radio customers make the best decisions for their budget and needs, so contact us via this link if you do not see what you want on the website. 


8 Item(s)


8 Item(s)