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Add SiriusXM via USB (VAIS GSR)


Bought a Newer (2012+) Vehicle and don't yet have SiriusXM Satellite Radio?


Add SiriusXM (on the XM Network) to your car using the VAIS GSR Interface Kit. It connects to your vehicle USB port in your late model vehicle and will give you the same in-dash experience of a factory install.


USB Plus GSR Equals SiriusXM In Dash


  • * Works on the Latest Generation XM Network
  • * Installs easily by way of your vehicle's USB Port
  • * Provides the latest channels from SiriusXM (on the XM Network)
  • * Provides a complete in-dash experience similar to a factory satellite radio connection, including presets and steering wheel controls
  • * Less expensive than purchasing the Satellite Radio option from a dealer


Use our Compatibility Finder to find out if you can use the VAIS GSR:

SiriusXM In Dash (VAIS GSR)


23 Item(s)


23 Item(s)