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Here is a list of related Twitter pages of Fans or Personalities Related to the Howard 100 and Howard 101 Channels. This is an unofficial list of names and most are not verified.

If you are on this list and want to be removed please twitter using your twitter to

Howard 100 and Related Personalities

Howard Stern

Official Stern Twitter

Howard TV Twitter

Robin Quivers

Benji Bronk Twitter

Tim Sabean Twitter

Jon Hein Twitter

Ross Zapin Twitter

Shuli Twitter

Ralph Cirella Twitter

Jim McClure Twitter

Jason Kaplan Twitter

Richard Christy Twitter

Kevin Kraft Twitter

Steve Brandano Twitter

J.D. Harmeyer Twitter

Sal the Stockbroker


High Pitch Mike


Howard 101 and Related Personalities

Official Scott Ferrall Twitter  

Jackie Martling Twitter

Greg Fitzsimmons Twitter


Frequent Guests and Comedians

Gilbert Gottfried

Reverend Bob Levy Twitter

Lisa Lampanelli Twitter

Craig Gass Twitter

Rosie O'Donnell

Norm MacDonald Twitter 

Yucko the Clown Twitter

Jeff Probst Twitter

John Stamos Twitter

Jillian Barberie Reynolds Twitter

Sandra Bernhard Twitter

Johnny Fratto Twitter

Dr. Drew Twitter


Wackpackers and Regular Callers

Eric the Midget/Actor Twitter

Mariann from Brooklyn Twitter

Zolar Twitter

Hanzi Twitter

Bleeding Deacons Twitter

Cyrus Twitter


Howard Stern Related Websites

Save Baby Gorilla Twitter

SHABOOTY Blog Twitter

Marks Friggin Twitter

Tweet Beaver Twitter