SiriusXM Universal Motorcycle Mount Kit

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    SiriusXM Universal Motorcycle Mount Kit

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      SIRIUS XM Motorcycle Mount
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      SIRIUS XM Motorcycle Mount labels
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      SIRIUS XM Motorcycle Mount with stiletto
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      SIRIUS XM Motorcycle Mount Kit
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      SIRIUS XM Motorcycle Mount back


    The SiriusXM Universal Motorcycle Mount Kit is the same mounting solution that is included in the SIRIUS Professional Motorcycle Install Kit. It includes all of the pieces required to mount any AMPS compatible (4 bolt pattern on dock or backplate) SIRIUS Radio and a magnetic antenna to the handle bars of most motorcycles. It can be mounted using included brake and clutch mounts or using the included clamp. 

    NOTE: This kit will not work with the InV, InV2, Starmate ST1, Xact XTR7, Xact XTR8, the Streamer GT, or any XM radios with a T-Notch mount. Please follow the image guides below for compatibility.


    Example of Dock Required adapter
    Starmate ST1, Starmate ST2,
    Xact XTR7, Xact XTR8, InV, InV2,
    and Streamer GT Radio Mounting 
    Tabs are NOT COMPATIBLE with 
    the Sirius Universal Motorcycle Mount Kit 
    Starmate notch Not Compatible
    XM Radios with a T-Notch Dock require a
    T-Notch Adapter. 
    The T-Notch Adapter Can Be found here. 
    Tnotch Dock 

    AMPS to T-Notch Adapter

    T-Notch Adapter Plate

    Sirius and XM radios with and AMPS mount
    are fully compatible with the SIRIUS Professional
    Motorcycle Install Kit. 

    AMPS Mount  No Adapter Required

    *Please note the product manual linked above is for the Sirius Professional Motorcycle Install Kit. The mounting instructions in that manual can be used as reference for this kit.