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About Us



Our Goal

There is a common theme that can be found throughout the various influences, directions, mistakes, and successes that helped build : our passion for our product and, more importantly, our passion for our customers. Though competitive, we won't always be the cheapest, we won't have the flashiest site, and we won't have the funniest ads - what we will have is honesty, an extensive product knowledge, and we will go out of our way to address your needs with a personable approach.


Our Story

by Taylor Mitchell

In 2001, I left my Midwest roots to move out West, ending up in  Los Angeles where I supported myself with a variety of jobs. I passed the time listening to talk radio. I'd listen to many different shows, but  I found Howard Stern to be in a league of his own. It turns out a lot of other people felt the same way. I became a loyal listener and had no idea my relationship with talk radio was about to change.

One October morning in 2004, I agreed to drive a friend to an audition. Naturally we tuned into howard on the way there.  We were shocked to hear Howard made the decision to leave terrestrial radio and join Sirius Satellite Radio. Instantly I knew this would affect me. I knew Howard had a strong fan base, but he also had a tough road ahead of him. Getting people to pay for radio was a new untested concept, but I knew it was a concept that I wanted to be part of.

I was in a whole new world after setting up my first Sirius radio, an Xact XTR1. The radio looked good and sounded good, my only gripe was the alien-looking antenna on the back of my car. From my detailing business, I knew many preferred a more consistent look and soon I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea: a service in which we paint the satellite radio antenna to match the color of the car i.e. "Color Matching".

With help from Wolf, a buddy who worked as a paint salesman; Sean, a friend experienced in business and web design; and a $5000 loan from a loyal customer of my prior business, we started Color Match Antenna in March of 2005. To be honest, the plan was a little loose, but things started to come together. Though the need for custom Sirius antennas never grew quite like we wanted, we found that people had other needs and the business evolved into what you see today.


Thank you for your support!

Taylor Mitchell